With these applications you can connect your Android to the TV with Miracast

Miracast, is a service that has become very popular as time goes by, it is a Google tool widely used by Android users, to share all your media files to TV. However, some people do not have a Miracast for their TV, for this reason we have come to bring some applications that are the ideal alternative, such as the Lenovo Cast that we have talked about, although there are other options for when we do not have the popular tool of Google

alternatives to Miracast that you can use over Wifi

The applications are very simple and practical to use, one is well known among Samsung users and the other two are good alternatives if your TV is not from the multinational South Korean firm. All 3 work perfectly and only use WiFi to connect.


This app has a understandable and very direct interface, It allows us to reproduce content and Internet channels from the initial menu. We can share the files with our computers or TV in a simple way. In addition, it is capable of detecting any device that is connected around you, what you have to do is choose which one you want to pair with your mobile and then select what you want to play.

What equipment is it compatible with? The application is fully compatible with televisions that can connect to the Internet (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, etc) and consoles like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Chromecast, DISH Hopper, BluRay and DLNA/UPnP players. You will have at your fingertips, the power to transmit the files you want, change them and adjust them from your mobile.

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Screen Stream Mirroring

This application will allow you to mirror the screen to any device (TV), whether Android, PC, Smart TV or other devices that are compatible (Chromecast, UPnp/DLNA). You can share audio files, images and videos, but that’s not all, you can also share streaming content such as games. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions, (If you have any alternative ROM installed, it might not work)

It is a matter of downloading the application and trying it out to see if it works perfectly with your mobile, which is most likely. If this is not the case, you can use the aforementioned application or the one that we will show you below.

Samsung SmartView

Samsung TVs are the best sellers today, therefore, many people have one. This is why we present you the samsung smartview appwith which you can enjoy a great experience from your Android or Tablet, you will be able to browse the Internet through the TVs of the South Korean firm, you will also be able to see live content, movies, music, games and access your favorite applications from your smartphone and this will be reflected on your TV screen.

Surely you are wondering which devices the application is compatible with and here we will clear up your doubts, announcing the compatible SmartTVs:

  • 2011: D7000 LED and above, PDP D8000 and above.
  • 2012: LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above.
  • 2013: F4500 LEDs (except F9000 and above)PDP F5500 and above.
  • .2014: H4500, H5500 and higher (except H6003 / H6103 / H6153 / H6201 / H6203).
  • 2015: J4500, J5500 and above (except J6203).
  • 2016: K4300, K5300 and above.
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Something you have to keep in mind is that TV models may vary by region. How does the application work? It requires that both the phone and the TV are connected to the same WiFi network, storage is mandatory, since that is where you will access all the files on the phone. That’s it, an easy to use app.

We have brought you 3 good options or alternatives in case you do not have Miracast, we hope that they will help you when you want to share files from your Android to the TV, without the need for cables, only with the WiFi network of your home.

Have you already used any?