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With CamScanner your Android is a pocket scanner.

With CamScanner your Android is a pocket scanner.

It no longer matters that you do not have a scanner for your PC in your home that, in addition to being expensive, takes up a lot of space. Now with your phone Android and the application CamScanner you can have a document scanner in your pocket.

It is simple to use and powerful. To work, obviously use the camera of your mobile. Therefore, the better quality the mobile camera has (resolution, contrast, sharpness, clarity …) the better the results you will get from this app.

When you install it and open the application for the first time what we will find in a document already created, called “Quick Start”. It’s about a tutorial in 9 pages that will teach us what each icon is for and what information is offered in each thumbnail of the documents, as well as a basic explanation of how to carry out the process of scanning and transforming the scanned document into PDF format. It is in English, but the icons are significant enough to find out what each one does without the need for translations.

The first icon in the bottom menu is for scan using camera, the second scans based on photographs that we already have in our Gallery. The most normal thing is that we use the camera, but sometimes we may not have time to carry out the processing at that moment and we prefer to photograph all the documents we need quickly and then process the images in the application (for example, a multi-page document to which we have access for a few seconds).

Once the photograph is taken, the application proposes a selection of the document by means of a green outline frame. This selection is we can adjust to the millimeter, since pressing on vertices opens a bubble in which an enlargement of that vertex appears with a “+” to adjust that corner. Adjusted the four corners of the document, we can press the visa sign so that the application performs the image processing until the document is obtained. The application uses a perspective correction algorithm, in such a way that, even if the photograph is not taken exactly from the vertical of the document, the application makes the document look as if it had been taken that way.

We can repeat this process for successive pages of the same document, until we have finished it. In the pen symbol we can change the name of the document and if we press the menu key of our mobile we can change the size of the page and assign it a label.

When we have all the pages of our document processed to the correct size, we only have to click on the icon with the Acrobat logo to convert it to the fPDF format. The documents are being saved CamScanner folder from the SD of our mobile.

To share or store itor click on the triangle-shaped icon and the menu of applications that can be used is displayed, but the first option «Uploading» What it does is upload the document to three places that we can configure previously, entering the data of the respective accounts:

Hopefully they will add other cloud storage sites, for example SugarSync.

In the configuration we can predefine the size of the pages, their orientation, the method for image enhancement, cloud storage site accounts and manage tags, which we can create according to our needs. Through these labels we can more comfortably classify and search our documents.

As you can see, except for the tutorial, the rest of the application is in Spanish. This is an application that you must have on your Android. It has already gotten me out of a tight spot more than once. I have compared it to Scan2Pdf and, honestly, there is no color, CamScanner it seems insurmountable (the only thing missing is OCR).

There is a Free version with limited documents and apart you can buy the License to unlock the limits that costs € 3.59 that is worth paying for having this 100% functional application.

CamScanner Free: CamScanner License (€ 3.59):

(If you want to go to the market’s website from your computer, click on the corresponding QR code.)