Will League of Legends come to Android?

Download LoL for Android? You may have read that correctly but first of all I would like to affirm that the MOBA genre has changed the industry and has done what many other titles intended in its day, to attract such a number of players in a way that has become part of the eSports (electronic sports) even creating schools for professional players although at the moment these schools and way of life are only well seen in more advanced territories.

The best MOBA there is currently is League of LegendsWithout a doubt, and we can only measure it by the large number of players who want to become professionals thanks to this game, although this requires much more precise skills than those that a simple mortal can have. If you have come this far, I inform you that League of Legends is not available for Android but there are some alternatives that you should know, although below we will explain the reason why LoL has not reached Android.

Real alternatives to League of Legends for Android

Soon we will gather in an article the best alternatives to LoL for Android but this time, so that you do not get a bad taste in your mouth, I would like to talk to you about Herores of Order & Chaos, a game with very similar mechanics to LoL that was originally born to pay homage to the WoW (World of Warcraft) saga.

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In Heroes of Order & Chaos you can have 3v3 or 5v5 PvP matchups in very close games. It won’t take long for you to adapt to the game if you come from a MOBA and the truth is that its creator, Gameloft, knows how to make good mobile games and has shown his knowledge in this field. Of course, do not expect a pristine execution because sometimes it has the occasional stop. It is the best option there is but the truth is that it has remained in a want and I can not, stay tuned to AndroidPhoria because soon we will inform you of more alternatives to LoL that have a much larger user base and more similarities than this.

You can download Heroes of Order & Chaos for free on Google Play if you have the 1.1 GB free it occupies.

Why hasn’t League of Legends made it to Android?

Before you leave disappointed I would like to give you some reasons why Riot has not thought about bringing League of Legends to Android although I would like to mention that there is no real denial on the part of the company either. LoL could come to Android someday but not to compete directly against PC platforms in Cross-Play.

LoL is not just any game, LoL is the MOBA par excellence that has revolutionized the field of eSports and has garnered titles that no one thought when it was launched a few years ago under a somewhat unknown game system, Free-To-Play. There are several reasons why a reference like this shouldn’t make it to Android.

  • The control – The touch controls cannot be as precise as laser mice with infinite DPI, reaching a level of competition so high as to consider LoL competitive from Android is light years away and although it is possible that a Riot game will reach Android could be a sequel, prequel or adaptation of the game without being considered the king title.
  • Fragmentation issues – Starting to squeeze a saga completely with absurd releases is a problem, this release could be necessary the moment it arrives and begins to lose steam, but if the formula works, why change it? Some less expert and more amateur users could begin to migrate to the mobile platform where, today, it would not be possible to compete so precisely.
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Would you like Riot to release League of Legends for Android? The truth is It’s not a bad idea at all but I think we will still have to wait a while to get to see the best MOBA on Android. Riot, however, if it has approached Android and in Google Play we can find a lot of support applications for LoL that will help us to get information about the game from our smartphone.

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