WhatsApp will share your data with Facebook as announced from its blog

When Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp, a black cloud settled over our heads When imagining how all the messages that we usually send daily through this messaging app, would be in the possession of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. There are few conspiracy theories related to Facebook and its use of data; apart from the rumors about the eavesdropping that he does through the phones and then launch all kinds of related announcements.

Today, WhatsApp has taken a moment on its official blog to announce that it will start share your WhatsApp data with Facebook. The reason has its reason for being, since businesses will be allowed to use WhatsApp to send messages to their customers. We have already published on occasion that WhatsApp wants it to also be a communication channel for all types of businesses, so this change in the privacy policy is related to it.

So WhatsApp will continue as always as an encrypted app, without advertising and without spam. The only thing that local businesses will be able to contact you through the application and this will be the only information that Facebook will be able to use: your WhatsApp number. The company makes it very clear in this statement:

Your WhatsApp number will not be published or shared with others, or with Facebook. Your number will not be sold, shared or given to advertisers

It is not only here, but the WhatsApp phone will be valid for improve friend suggestion and so they can be added to Facebook in an easier way. The feeling is as if the doors of WhatsApp had been opened for a specific reason, but then we realize that there are suggestions and what is to come …

Anyway, we have the option to prevent WhatsApp share this information with Facebook through the message that will arrive in which we have to click on “read more” and deactivate the corresponding box.