WhatsApp will bring group calls and more options for administrators

Since it was acquired by Facebook, the rate of WhatsApp updates has increased significantly. The application makes use of the betas to introduce the news that will arrive. Something that has happened again, since the beta is available. Thanks to her we already know the novelties that are going to arrive to the app.

Among the novelties that we we find there are more options for administrators and group calls arrive. So WhatsApp brings notable changes. What can we expect from the news in the application?

There are some news that will come with the WhatsApp update. We explain more about each of them below. Thus, you have a clear idea about all these improvements or new functions. What does this update bring us?

Unblock contacts from the list

The first of the changes is that it will be possible unblock a contact directly from the list. From now on, when we access the contacts in the application, we will be able to see which ones are blocked. If we want to unlock them just press and hold on that contact. Then it simply asks us to confirm if we want to do it and that’s it. This way you can unblock a contact more easily on WhatsApp.

Invite contacts through a link

In those groups that we have created we will get a new option to invite contacts. This option is invite contacts via a link. Although, it is important to know that all those users to whom you send the link will become part of the group. So you have to be careful with the people you let into this group on WhatsApp. If what you want is a small and private group, it is better to invite a person directly.

Although it can be a useful function in large groups or if we want to share information about events. Or ideal for class or college groups.

group calls

It has long been rumored that the group calls were coming to the app soon. Finally, it seems that with this WhatsApp beta it seems that its arrival is much closer. Both voice and video calls, so it is undoubtedly a function that promises to give the application a lot of play. Although for some users it is a nightmare come true. Although at the moment It is not very well known when it will arrive this function to the application.

It is expected that up to three people can take part in the call. Also counting the person who decides to initiate the call. Although there are media that point out that this may change.

More options for administrators

The admin options to upgrade groups have also undergone changes to better From now on there is a menu dedicated to Admin Settings. In this menu, the administrator of this WhatsApp group can better establish who sends messages or who edits important information. Only administrators will be able to determine who has access to those options. Or who can change the profile image of the group in question.

Shake the mobile to send a report

A function that has undoubtedly surprised many because it is the most original. Now you can shake your mobile within a chat to send reports to WhatsApp. In this way, with an action like this, the process for report bugs it will be much faster. Although the idea is good, it will be necessary to see how it works in practice, since it could happen that it considers a sudden movement as a failure warning.

WhatsApp promises many changes with this beta. Undoubtedly all of them designed to improve the use of the application. Changes that seem inspired by Telegram are also beginning to be seen, so the competition between the two applications does not look like it will end. We hope to know soon when these news will reach the final version of WhatsApp. What do you think of these news?