WhatsApp free forever

WhatsApp free for everyone, that’s what users want. What’s more, a few days ago we spent a small innocent telling users that WhatsApp would cost $ 1 a month but, far from that, WhatsApp’s strategy is far from charging more to use the service. WhatsApp has confirmed that it will be free for everyone.

It is very true that WhatsApp is still a very unprofitable service for their owners but Facebook is not too concerned with maintaining an infrastructure like this when they are one of the companies with the most money in the world. Now for one of the last phrases added to WhatsApp translation center, we can deduce that WhatsApp could be free for many users but its creators have already confirmed it, no rumors.

WhatsApp free for life for everyone

The phrase in question “As a courtesy we have granted lifetime service to your account. Thank you!” which means “As a courtesy we have given you the service for life for your account. Thanks!”. At the moment this phrase appeared in iPhone users, users who have paid for the service for a long time but it has nothing to do with the final task. WhatsApp is now free for everyone.

Android users have also been paying to use WhatsApp and in fact we have explained how to pay WhatsApp but it is also true that there are many tricks to continue enjoying WhatsApp for free. WhatsApp is now free for life and Telegram may have had something to do with it.

WhatsApp gives lifetime licenses to all users

WhatsApp has confirmed this. Of course, that WhatsApp begins to give away the service for everyone for life will make those users who have paid WhatsApp feel a bit cheated by having paid and not enjoying the service for free like other users. Surely those who have paid to use WhatsApp do not receive any compensation for having paid but it is also true that the amount to pay seems hilarious if we take into account the great utility it has for many users.

Source | WhatsApp