What’s new in the January security patch

The truth is that since the security patch that Stagefright solved, we have not seen major changes in the monthly security patches. The Nexus are usually the first terminals to receive them, but more and more manufacturers are betting on them. Today in particular, this January security update has reached two terminals: HTC One A9 and Honor 5X. That novelties have? We see it:

January Security Patch: What’s New

The January security patches have already started to reach many users. In Nexus 6P, we received it on the 10th of this month, but to many other terminals it is still arriving today and will do so throughout the week. Surely we would all like the 1 to arrive, but it does not seem that it will be possible for a long time. The good thing is that this January security patch has already reached many users, who are the ones wondering the novelties That we will have.

  • Bug fixes.
  • General system improvements.

In this January update, we do not have nothing to highlight away from bug fixes and general system improvements. With each update, bugs are fixed and normal operation is further optimized. So little change we will notice.

You can force the update

Since the Settings, you can try to force the update if it does not appear normally. You can try rebooting, sometimes it helps to make it appear. However, if it does not come out first, do not worry, sometimes they are made to beg a little depending on where we are.

If you have Android 6.0.1, we already inform you at the time of the news with this January security patch. Do not miss it!

Have you already received the security update? Have you noticed any changes?

Via | Android Authority