What’s new in Fortnite update V9.01

The weekly update has arrived at Fortnite. Epic Games introduces a patch with few changes this week, but in compensation we have a new and deadly weapon, Besides the John Wick skins leak. We’ve talked about Wick earlier, so we’ll focus on the V9.01 update notes. Let’s go there!

New weapon and slippage adjustments

This week Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode receives the weapon Tactical assault rifle, which has the following characteristics: Automatic weapon, 30-round magazine, 22/23/24 damage, multiplier of x1.75 damage to the head, low dispersion, rare, epic and legendary variants, and available anywhere.

It has been realized changes in the drum rifle and in the life of Boloncho, and has compact submachine gun withdrawn of the game. Finally, there have been changes in the slip referring to problems that have occurred during their first week.

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Creative mode adds 7 prefabs and 3 galleriesnamely: Ruined Shops, Ruined Twin Apartments, Ruined L Apartments, Ruined Red Apartments, Ruined Fish Apartments, Ruined Basketball Court and Ruined Clock Tower; and Ruined Floor Gallery, Ruined Wall Gallery, and Scorched Gallery.


Finally, Save the World mode receives the New War Games Simulation: Pods of Mist and a new heroine: Prehistoric Izza, which has an advantage Sauria Skin, and will be available from May 16 in the store.


These are the changes to Fortnite update V9.01 for all of its modes! What do you think of the additions? Have you tried the new weapon? Tell us in comments.

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