What news will Android Nougat bring to the Galaxy S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great mobile, despite the fact that people believe that Samsung mobiles explode, Samsung fans are almost as loyal as Apple fans and the Galaxy S7 is the best you can have. The Galaxy S7 is the Next Samsung mobile that will receive Nougat and it will very soon.

Now, Samsung is not known for being the fastest in updating terminals but, like Sony, it offers a beta to test the new android version and release a stable version as polished as possible. In that aspect it is the best for the user and the final version usually works really well.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is about to receive Nougat but… what will change?

Sometimes, despite changing the version of Android, the changes are not noticeable but in the case of Samsung it seems that TouchWiz is going to receive a major visual change and also many fixes under the hood, which are the most important and that we do not usually see. That is why we have compiled the big changes in Nougat based on the sample seen in SamMobile.

Home screen and multitasking

The home screen now allows us to use more shortcuts in the launcher, like the famous shortcuts that emulate the 3D Touch operation. Folders will also support loading with more than one page of apps.

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The application icons have been modified a bit and as for the double screen, it is now easier to change their size (what we know as multitasking). And yes, we can open up to 3 applications at the same time, one floating. In Android Nougat you can not only change the font and its size, you can even change the resolution of the Galaxy S7 and in the betas the default resolution is 1080p, despite having a 2K (QHD) screen. If we choose the battery saving mode, the resolution can vary from HD to 2Kgoing through FullHD.

Changes in Settings and notifications

One of the most notable changes from Nougat to the Galaxy S7 is going to be the tweaks. Samsung wants to simplify some settings that are a mess and for this it will further shorten the number of options and it will give support for relative links that will make us not lose any option.

The titles, in addition, will be much clearer and will appear in capital letters and in bold to recognize them easily. A lot of cosmetic changes will be made to the notification bar. You just have to see the new quick settings panel that supports multiple pages and that allows the icons to be more spaced on the screen. Notifications are also now grouped differently, they are grouped into apps and offer support for quick responses from within them.

At the same time, Quick Connect and S Finder (something that many people do not use) will be integrated into the notification bar and will show you which devices your mobile can connect to. Nor will it be necessary to enter the WiFi to connect to a specific one, it will be enough to press the text of the icon corresponding to the network.

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Changes to the lock screen and Always On

Always On is not something that many people use but now Samsung wants to give it a new role with slight improvements. You can put another clock, change the color and even put an image but the battery saving will go to waste with this option.

Yes indeed, double tapping on a notification you can access an app and the lock screen has changed the notification cards a bit, now they appear grouped and with the information well ordered.

Samsung App Improvements

Samsung’s own apps have also received some interesting changes. The S Planner has mutated to Calendar. The call application shows more colors and the interface has been simplified, especially the camera interface that has received gestures to switch between cameras and modes.

The gallery has been improved and the Smart Manager has received a major facelift to be closer to full optimization. The Smart Manager is like a Clean Master one of those but with a good performance and more typical of a professional application of its category.

Samsung’s messaging app has also undergone an interesting change as it now allows group messages by conversations or contacts, using the tabs at the top of the screen. Even the messages needed a change and a lot of waiting has been done.

The changes are not the only ones and surely the final version will come with some more that we have left behind but it is true that it is more or less what Samsung hopes to do with the TouchWiz of the first version of Nougat for the Galaxy S7, a Nougat that should arrive in version Android 7.1 and not in version 7.0 . If the Note 7 had survived, it would now be the first to receive Nougat, but unfortunately it has become the Galaxy S7 that takes center stage.

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