What is more secure, Android or iOS?

A few weeks ago, the stagefright vulnerability was found in Android and it allows take complete control of the device With a simple MMS, which has led the big brands to rethink their strategy in terms of updates that could now arrive periodically and in a much shorter period of time.

Apple devices are not immune to threats either.What’s more, last year vulnerabilities have also been found that allowed some fake applications to be installed on iOS. Nowadays, mobile operating systems have become the preferred targets for hackers and not desktop PCs anymore, since they are much more and store important information in many cases.

What is more secure? Android or iOS?

Yahoo Tech has been encouraged to make a small comparison for determine which is more secure and the truth is that privacy is a concern to which many begin to pay importance. Let’s compare various aspects of both mobile operating systems.

An open versus a closed operating system

Android is “open” in part and iOS is closed. This means that in Android, manufacturers can modify the operating system which makes them capable of adding or removing vulnerabilities, something that remains in the middle of the scale. To this must be added the telephone operators that may or may not send the update.

The problem is that those updates depends on the companies and if you have an old mobile you may never receive them. What’s more, only 20% of Android devices have Lollipop. The exception is the Nexus range that receives updates from Google like the Apple iPhone or iPad.

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In this aspect, iOS wins since Android corrects many errors but Apple is working on security patches and updates that are ported to all or almost all of its products. in a much safer way. In addition, that Android is open makes it easier for hackers to know how the operating system works while in Apple this is a bit more complicated but not impossible either.

Protection against fake apps

Malicious applications are also a malware entry point. In Apple there are strong restrictions with its application store although those who do jailbreak are more exposed to the danger although the guarantee can be lost.

On Android we have Google Play where the programs go through a less rigorous previous acceptance phase, although recently verification phases with humans have been added to try many apps. The problem is that on Android anyone can install an .apk through alternative sources or sources and that makes it much more dangerous to have alternative stores full of malware.

In this section Apple continues to win as much more trouble has been taken so that users cannot install applications externally although they are changed in Google, they are still a long way from working in a similar way.

What can apps do?

Although Android applications have less power than before, Android is still much more modifiable than Apple. Google has put a lot of restrictions as of Android 5.0 Lollipop using the sandbox for applications and Apple has done it from the beginning with iOS.

Apple wins because it did it first But in this field Android is working hard, although there are still many phones on the market that do not have Android Lollipop and therefore are very unprotected against certain applications that can modify almost all the operating system values.

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How to stay protected on Android?

If you are very concerned about security, the best option is opt for a Nexus since you will receive the best and fastest updates in terms of security although manufacturers such as Samsung or LG have also promised to do it quickly although we do not know if it will or will not be true.

It is sad to admit it and it is difficult for us to recognize it but in terms of security Apple is still more secure in terms of technicalities but if you use a normal Android mobile and you have a bit of common sense it is also really difficult to receive a malware attack. In my years as an Android user I have not seen them even close and I have used alternative stores, unofficial apks and all kinds of things but always using common sense.

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