What is Kindle: everything you need to know about the Amazon e-book reader

On some occasion you will have heard about Amazon Kindle or you will know someone who uses it daily. These electronic books are capable of storing a large number of titles in a small device, without the need to load volumes with a large number of pages. You will be able to read anywhere since, in addition to having a long-lasting battery, it is very practical and lightweight. In addition, it also has water resistance and a dim light to read without damaging your eyes. If you are thinking of getting one of these devices, hToday we tell you how to choose a Kindle.

You may wonder if it is worth having an electronic book, if it is worth paying its price and if it is really useful. If you have finally decided to get a Kindle then choosing a model is very simple, you just have to take into account what your needs and characteristics are.

Everything you need to know about Amazon Kindle

There are many advantages of electronic books since they are very practical to be able to carry them around without being heavy, a device where you can carry all the documents and books you want. All this at a much lower price than books in physical format.

But is that Amazon’s electronic device also allows you to get free e-books, so you will not have to spend a euro. And it is that these types of devices compared to the screen of the Android or iOS Tablet are ideal for reading since the view does not suffer.

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electronic books They have electronic ink that resembles reading paper and without having eyestrain. It should also be borne in mind that this screen, in addition to being similar to the pages of a traditional book, also has low battery consumption and this allows it to last for several days.

One of the main reasons why you should bet on an Amazon device is that all its models in its catalog are a good option, since in addition to having a great variety, all of them give the possibility to add them with a couple of touches. You won’t have any compatibility issues either, since almost all the books you see in the store are compatible and will automatically sync. It also has other services such as Amazon Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited. These two services allow you to access a large number of titles and for this you only have to have a monthly subscription. Prime Reading is included with the Prime subscription. While Kindle Unlimited is a separate service that has a very large catalog of titles.

Kindle offers a great number of advantages

A user with a Kindle can have both services available, but it is also the case of those people who do not have the device but have a tablet that is compatible with the same application. So you do not need to have an official Amazon e-book, but any other device, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. are also compatible. Both devices have a free trial month for you to adapt to the one you like the most: the difference between the two is the price and in their respective catalogues: they have thousands of books from very famous sagas.

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The Amazon Prime Reading is already included in the Amazon Prime service, It has all the advantages of the subscription (which is 36 euros annually) and has more than a thousand books available that you can download without having to pay anything. This is a very good option since without having to pay for an extra service you already have access to a large number of titles while enjoying other advantages of the subscription. You can have a maximum of 10 ebooks in your library. Once you have read all the titles you have in your gallery then you can return them and download new ones. You will be able to repeat this process several times and enter the catalog that has between 500 and 600 titles.

While Kindle Unlimited is not included in any service and is an extra that you must pay separately since the only thing it offers you is access to books: it has more than a million titles and you will find practically all the books for as little as only 9.99 euros per month. It is an ideal service for all users who want news, best-seller, as well as new authors who want to read that are also included in the catalog. Kindle Unlimited has a catalog of more than a million titles and you can store the ones you want in your library without having any limits like Prime Reading. When looking for a book you will see that it is organized by genre and theme.

These two services are a good option as long as you usually read a lot. The most curious thing about this is that you can send, in a very simple way and from Amazon, all the books to the device you have without the need to synchronize it. From your Amazon account you can send the titles to the Amazon Kindle even from the same computer.

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Features of Amazon ereaders

Amazon e-books have very similar features that are included in almost all models. All of them have electronic ink, a tactical screen that allows you to read without visual fatigue as we mentioned in previous paragraphs. As of 2019, they all began to include a light integrated into the screen, which at that time was a very noticeable difference from the rest. All devices are compatible with the Amazon Kindle store and it is possible to send the titles of the books by email, from your Amazon account or also by cable thanks to some programs with es Calibre.

Amazon ebooks they have a good battery, which allows you to use it for up to several weeks (although this also depends on the specific autonomy of this device). They all have a WiFi connection so you can send the titles from one place to another without the need for cables. All Amazon Kindle also includes a tool to rate reading, as well as add notes from the book itself or also the ability to look up words in the dictionary.

Whenever you add books from the online store, both devices will be synchronized. When it comes to getting a specific model, you will see that there are a large number and they are all very similar, and you have to take into account that they are the best-selling e-books due to their value for money, as well as the number of novelties, features and functionality it includes.