What is 4K? Everything you need to know about the new format

What is 4K? This question arises mainly in connection with the purchase of a new television set. The abbreviation 4K means a very high resolution rate in television sets. So if you buy a 4K TV, you can look forward to a brilliant picture.

Basically, 4K stands for 4000 – and says something about the number of pixels that can be displayed by a TV panel. The resolution of a 4K TV is 4096 x 2304 pixels – quadrupling the number of pixels that a Full HD screen is capable of displaying on a 4K TV. In total, a 4K TV displays over 8 million pixels in an image, ensuring your eye sees a razor-sharp image. Basically, a very high number of pixels only makes sense for large devices – otherwise the high resolution will fizzle out because it is no longer recognized by the human eye anyway. A smartphone, for example, does not require 4K image quality.

The current best providers for 4K televisions

  • LG: LG is a pioneer when it comes to OLED technology. This means that every single pixel in the display lights up by itself. This is not the case with the LCD technology that has been standard up to now. Thus, the numerous pixels of a 4K television are presented much better and the picture quality reaches unimagined proportions.
  • Samsung: Samsung counters the OLED presented by LG with QLED – this even surpasses the quality of LG devices in terms of brightness. However, the new technology is still very expensive and you have to pay several thousand euros for it. And inexpensive devices already offer high quality.

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