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What awaits us in the «Friendly Update» of Minecraft Pocket Edition

What awaits us in the «Friendly Update» of Minecraft Pocket Edition

I remember the first game I played Minecraft Pocket Edition in the first version of the Android version that it brought with it part of what is the essence of the game created by the mind of Notch. In that first version, the world was more of a small block and we didn’t even have 10% of the objects that we can get today. Being used to exploring dungeons for hours in local games in which they were randomly generated, then collecting those metals and thus finally returning to the castle built between several friends, was a feeling that I knew there would be time to be able to experience it in the pocket version of this great video game.

Today we can already get that gaming experience because Minecraft has been receiving important updates like the one we are waiting for in 0.15, or called as “Friendly Update”. This version is raising a lot of expectations and although it is not ready for deployment yet, Mojang has published today a post where he writes about the things that we can see in this beta version that will soon knock on the door of the Google Play Store so that we open it and go on to download the update to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

What’s new in 0.15

Mojang has taken the time to clarify some of the news, but has left a mysterious good that quotes the name of the update: “Friendly Update”. It has nothing to do with the option of being able to play in Multiplayer games with your Xbox Live friends, since this one names it as it is, so we will let Mojang surprise us; It would not be the first time.

Apart from those online games with Xbox Live friends, we can count on the ropes to catch pets, horses and the option to color the armor for the horses. Another great novelty is the ability to ride little pigs and Xbox achievements present in both the Android and iOS versions. We received new zombies for the desert and skeletons for the tundra biome, so we found a very complete update that touches almost all branches of Minecraft.

All its news

Apart from all these news, a very interesting part of them, Mojang has also dedicated his time to let us know the adjustments to be made to the mechanics of game. Something quite important that usually causes better performance and the change in some of the ways in which we can interact with the environment that surrounds us in Minecraft. The respective bug fixes have also been included, of which I will comment on some of them.

Game adjustments

Bug fixes

We will remain attentive to the arrival of this major update that brings with it a great set of details.

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