We tested the new Huawei products in your “smart home”

In times of COVID with prevention everything is possible. Huawei has seen fit to quote us with all the security measures that can be expected from a firm of these proportions so that we can feel its new products, as it has been done all our lives, and we are going to tell you what our experience has been.

Our first contacts with the Huawei Watch Fit, FreeBuds Pro and the Watch GT 2 Pro have left us with a good taste in our mouths, discover them with us. The Chinese firm continues unstoppable, maintaining its roadmap in terms of product presentation for a complicated year 2020 that is almost over.

Watches: Watch Fit and Watch GT 2 Pro

With the Watch G2 Pro we found the “premium” product that could be expected, our first contact has been especially good, the quality of its finishes never ceases to amaze us, the weight, the straps and above all its functionality. We have an oxygen meter, 14 days of autonomy, more than 100 training modes and a design that leaves no one indifferent. Soon you will be able to see our in-depth analysis, pesto that we are already testing it. It will surely remind us why it is one of the best-selling smartwatches on the market.



Watch GT 2 Pro

For its part, I was pleasantly surprised by the new Watch Fit, an extremely light watch with a rectangular design that I especially find attractive. It is obviously designed for sports, with 96 training modes. We have been able to put them to the test on the rowing machine that Huawei had prepared for us and where I must admit that I have not offered a particularly impressive result, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro was already there to remind me. The price of the Watch Fit is only 129 euros and that will undoubtedly keep it at the top of sales given its essential features such as GPS.

Huawei P40 4G is announced without a 5G modem and with a price reduction

Sound: FreeBuds Pro and FreeLace Pro

As for sound, Huawei made it clear with the FreeBuds 3 that it has nothing to envy other leading brands, however, it still had the thorn of offering the customer a truly remarkable noise cancellation system. In this case, the redesign now offers pads and an intelligent noise cancellation system of up to 40db, something to keep in mind. Our test has been really surprising with the different levels of noise cancellation and intelligent capture of alert sounds under the command of Miguel Morales.

We have 2W wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.2 and double antenna for better availability. And with almost the same characteristics comes the FreeLace Pro, those hybrid headphones designed for the most athletic. Its connection system through USB-C (which also charges them) continues to be its most outstanding point. Both have generous 14mm drives and in the case of the FreeLace we will have 24 hours of total playback. For now we cannot give you the price of the products and the availability in Spain, but take it for granted that we will have them on the channel with their review very soon.

Sound X and absolute integration

We have tested Huawei’s smart speaker for the first time, better known as Sound X, as well as a series of new products aimed at making everyday life at home easier in the style of the smart scale, a future toothbrush that has not yet is in production and much more. The result is that Huawei is reaching levels of integration between products that undoubtedly increase the productivity and characteristics of the connected home. The Sound X offers clear and powerful sound, more than enough for a room and with a special feeling compared to other Huawei products.

Huawei Watch Fit, the new cheap smartwatch already launched with GPS, AMOLED screen and heart rate monitor

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the new MateBook X and MateBook 14 that will soon be analyzed by the colleagues at Actualidad Gadget. Stay tuned because we have many things to tell you about Huawei and you won’t want to miss them.