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We tested the free experience of Pocket Casts, one of the best podcast apps

We tested the free experience of Pocket Casts, one of the best podcast apps

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps and just yesterday they announced that they are becoming freemium or “free”. In other words, you will get most of its features, such as the dark theme, cross-platform synchronization and variable playback speed, for free.

This does not mean that you will be able to get the PC version for free. The ones that become free are the Android and iOS apps. The PC will go to a monthly or annual payment in order to save us a few euros to enjoy the 360 ​​experience of Pocket Casts wherever we are with a mobile device. We are going to show you the experience that it gives itself for free.

Going freemium

It may be understandable that due to accustomed that millions of users are already freemium, Pocket Casts has decided to switch to this way of offering content; even having a very extensive list of competitors. You have to know that this service was acquired by a consortium of public media last year, so they have made the decision to go freemium.

Most of its features will be available to all users. I mean, we’re talking about the dark theme, cross-platform synchronization, silence removal and speed variable reproduction. We repeat again that the PC app will have a monthly or annual cost through a subscription.

If we say that it has become freemium it is because before it was premium. Its cost was $5.99 on iOS and $3.99 on Android. It is from today when you can download the app at no cost. Actually the premium has been passed to an annual or monthly subscription called Pocket Casts Plus.

Pocket Casts Plus gives access to web, Windows and macOS apps, cloud storage and exclusive access to apps and themes. Oh, and for those of you who purchased the app at some point in its premium phase, you will have three years of free subscription to the service. Which is great to continue enjoying this app, whether on your PC, Android or iPhone.

It has everything you could want in a podcast app

We can talk about its virtues such as its indexing, control over which podcasts to automatically download and archive, control notifications and even what’s coming in an upcoming update: the ability to play video and audio files locally through the app. In other words, it can become your media player on your phone.

As well the design of the application has been improved and some interactions have been optimized to offer a better experience from the mobile app. Entering the app to give you an idea, it uses four tabs located at the bottom to access the mosaic of our favorite podcasts, podcast search, podcast filters and our own profile to log in with our account.

It highlights that we can select a wide variety of topics and even the icon that we will take to the desktop of our mobile. With this we want to show you that Pocket Casts is an app full of details and that it offers a great user experience.

Only in the reproduction it has all this:

So we already have Pocket Casts for free from the Play Store to synchronize subscriptions, receive notifications of new episodes, automatically download them for local listening, filters to organize them and control storage on your mobile. What are you waiting for to try your experience?