We tested the Black Shark, the best mobile for gamers

We are celebrating, the powerful Black Shark arrives in Europe. Thanks to the signature we have been able test it thoroughly and today we bring you our first impressions of the best mobile for gamers that we have tested.

Black Shark was born in 2017 to meet the needs of a growing audience. We know that people need powerful phones to play and this one comes with its own controller (attachable).

We tested the Black Shark: is it just a mobile to play?

As soon as you see the fast device you realize that it is not just a mobile to play. Without a doubt, after spending time with him, you have that feeling that It’s the fastest you’ll try.

Its hardware is of a high level, with an impressive configuration.

BlackShark Specifications

  • Screen of 5.99-inch Full HD+18:9 aspect ratio and 550 nits brightness.
  • Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 845 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Its graphics, the Adreno 630, allows us to fully enjoy any game.
  • battery of 4000mAh with QuickCharge 3.0.

However, that is not the only thing that stands out in this smartphone. Well, both its appearance and characteristics are a little different from what we are used to. And yes, it comes with Android stock.

Black Shark design, prepared for maximum performance

The phone features a slightly thicker case than we’re used to seeing. However, this has a purpose. The first of these is to ensure a great resistance but the second is even more important.

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Have a ultra-ergonomic design that complements perfectly with its external control. In addition to that, it offers an X-shaped antenna on the back to enjoy the better connectivity. Well, gamers know that lag can easily kill you in a game. On the back we see lights that we can configure on demand for notifications and other functions.

The Black Shark has liquid cooling inside

Also noteworthy is his liquid cooling system inside. This serves to expose the mobile to maximum performance without heating problems. Increases cooling efficiency by 20 times, improves processor life by 70% and lowers SoC temperature to only 8º.

Its screen does not go unnoticed either. Thanks to the Pixelworks chip, it shows high-quality graphics. 550 nits brightness, DCI-P3 supported colors, technologies to prevent fps drop, and power to spare for play at 60fps stable. All this is complemented by an immersive sound of great quality, the best we have tried in this regard.

The control is comfortable, and quite useful

Its control, easily attachable, is quite comfortable and integrates a joystick that feels great quality. It also equips a couple of triggers on the back and an extra button. It will help us to enjoy the most precise address.

As for the functions for game It has a dedicated button to put the mobile in gamer mode (maximum performance, increased cooling, features that allow us to record the game, etc.). That is, it transforms completely at the touch of a button. And on top of that this mode works really well.

Is the Black Shark worth it?

A waiting for the review, which will soon be available on the web, we assure you that it is the best we have tried to play. We haven’t talked much about its camera either, which we will deal with in depth in the analysis.

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We can tell you that it has a 12 MP + 20 MP dual rear camera and a 20 MP front camera. He is able to record in 4K and has HDR mode. The photos are of high quality. An experience similar to other high-end in this sector.

Where is it bought?

The phone is available in Europe from today and can be purchased through the firm’s official website (with a 2-year warranty, shipping from Europe, 100% in Spanish, all 4G bands, European charger, invoice, etc.). The price is reduced for its launch. You can have it for yourself €469 (in his version of 6GB + 64GB) and by €519 with 8GB + 128GB. Not bad right?

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