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We present the best graphic adventure games for Android

We present the best graphic adventure games for Android

During the nineties this genre lived its golden age. However, thanks to technology we can continue to enjoy it. And not only on your computer but on your mobile too. So today we bring you the best graphic adventure games for Android. You can’t miss them!

The Silent Age

It is a game with quite minimalist graphics, but that will catch you from the beginning. The main character is Joe, a cleaner who has been working for Archo for 2 years. Joe was an ordinary man until one day his life changed when he discovered a pool of blood in the laboratory that he cleaned.

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The game has highly stylized graphic elements plus a haunting soundtrack that will keep you connected. In terms of its gameplay, it is a fairly simple title. This is a classic “click and point” game where you have to find and interact with objects. Without a doubt, a game that will take away your boredom. Its first episode is free, for the second you will have to pay 5 euros.

Experience an adventure like this by downloading it from the following link.

Broken Sword 5 Curse of the Serpent: Episode 2

A hit from the nineties that every lover of graphic adventures should have on their mobile. In this title, George Stobbart and Nico Collard return to continue their great adventures. In this second installment of Broken Sword 5 the characters travel to Catalonia and the Middle East. There they must solve a conspiracy around a famous painting that has been stolen.

The handling of the game is very easy and the graphics are excellent. Also videos and puzzles are perfectly combined that will leave you hooked to your device. Definitely a gripping story that you will love. The cost of this wonderful game is only 5.49 euros.

Download this classic by clicking on the link below.


A fantastic game that It has been awarded for the great quality of its graphics. In this title that unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world, a robot named Josef must rescue his girlfriend Berta who has been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of the Black Hat. A beautiful story that will leave you hooked.

The way to play is very easy combining check and point with puzzles what you need to solve Machinarium does not have dialogues, so its communication is totally iconographic. And for only 2.49 euros you can have it on your mobile. It is certainly an investment that you will not regret.

Download this graphic gem from google play through this link.

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