We got to know the PS Plus offer for June

Not on the blog, not from a leak, this time the PS Plus offer was presented on the PS Store.


We know the full PS Plus offer for June, two new games have been added!

Starting in June, PS Plus subscribers will have access to two titles per month for each platform. Additionally, starting in July, each PlayStation Plus title will be available on the first Wednesday of the month until the first Wednesday of the following month.

Unfortunately, the annual games are disappearing from June 11, Sony decided that there will be no more.

The image presenting the PS offer for June appeared in the PS Store a few minutes ago. Without further ado, here are the games that PS Plus subscribers will be able to download in June:

PS Vita

Dragon’s Crow is definitely one of the best Vita games and one of the best console cRPG games I’ve ever played. The syndrome accompanies the player one more time throughout the game, and even long sessions are not tiring. The fun in multiplayer mode is very enjoyable and hassle-free. There is no shortage of willing people and even with random people you can play very well. The title provides about 100 hours of entertainment (all characters and difficulty levels), so there’s plenty to do. PLN 159 is quite a lot, but in the case of this title it is really worth it, because it has no significant flaws (maybe apart from the fact that it is terribly addictive).. Our review

The best Rom of the Note 5, port of the Note 7 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Humanity has discovered a powerful source of energy, but its production accumulates waste that must be continuously disposed of in order to maintain normal pressure. Connect the matching pieces together and destroy waste with electricity – this way you will reduce the pressure and gain precious seconds! Thanks to Surge Deluxe you will feel real power!


Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is a new type of adventure game in which the decision to choose how to survive is up to the player. You can sneak around without firing a shot or kill everything in your path. It’s good to sleep or use medications. Search for survivors or try to escape on your own, as well as take care of your sanity or go crazy. Lone Survivor is a game where the choices you make really matter. Our review

NBA 2K13 was the perfect installment of the best NBA licensed video game franchise. The game has won over 38 Sports Game of the Year and many other awards. NBA 2K14 will raise the bar again by delivering the ultimate basketball sim to the masses of sports fans and players around the world.


Trine 2: Complete Story is a beautiful and exciting side-view platformer puzzle game that has won multiple awards. Play as one of three heroes: the wizard Amadeus, the thief Zoya or the knight Pontius. Take part in an adventure, go on a journey through a fairy-tale world, solve physical puzzles related to the power of fire, water, gravity or magic, thwart the goblin’s evil plan and explore a magical land full of wonder.

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is now official and makes use of the Snapdragon 865 Plus and a 144 Hz screen

This is a game by DoubleEleven, combining campaigns from PixelJunk Shooter 1 and 2 into one. The new, refreshed version of two well-received 2D shooters is coming to Sony consoles. The creators assure that the title is to offer an equally good experience as its predecessors and aesthetically surpass the previous versions. More about the game


They will leave PS Plus:

April 30: Stick it to the Man
April 30: Payday 2
April 30: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
April 30: Muramasa Rebirth
April 30: Everybody’s Golf

Introduced to PS Plus:

June 4: Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (Cross Buy)
June 4: Trine 2: The Complete Story
June 4: NBA 2K14
June 4: Lone Survivor (Cross Buy)
June 4: Dragon’s Crown
June 4: Surge Deluxe

Are you satisfied with the first PS Plus holiday offer?

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