We already know the winners of the Fortnite Boogiedown event

It is no secret that the players of Fortnite: Battle Royale they love teaching their dances and taunting in every game every time they kill an opponent. Now, new dance steps come to the game, as we already told you, thanks to the contest Boogiedown organized by Epic games.

The company that created Fortnite announced the event to end of March, allowing players and fans to submit their videos with their best dances or their proposals as a possible dance to add to the game.

After hundreds of proposals, only one can remain …

Epic revealed, last day April, the 21st, he top 100 of all the participants of the contest, receiving all these winners a series of curious rewards.

The overall winner, first on the list, will have their funky dance added to Fortnite sooner. By name Populotus, you will receive as additional prize within the same game a exclusive Boogie Bomb, 10,000 Bucks, and all disco themed skins for the player (character skin, weapon and parachute)

Positions from second to fifth (the rest of the top 5, to be clearer) who could not win the contest and were “at the gates” of first place, will have the same prizes within the game as Populotus; the only difference is that your dance will not be added to Fortnite. For the remaining 95 winners In the top 100 they will also receive the Disco skins and different amounts of Turkeys for the game, depending on a higher or lower position within the ranking.

All the dances of the Top 100 competition Boogiedown They can be found on the Epic Games website, which we recommend that you take a look, either because of the work they have to do or because of how fun they are.

Even though this tournament is over, many fans of Fortnite they are still curious to see if Epic games He plans more events with his audience of this caliber for the future, hopefully, near.

What do you think of the winner? Do you deserve the award?