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Watching TV Via Mobile Getting Easier

Watching TV Via Mobile Getting Easier

We watch television less and less and more and more often on our mobile and tablet. Of course we still want to watch the latest films, series and programs. You can of course turn the TV back on for this, but it is now very easy to stream TV shows and movies via the internet on your mobile device.

We are all familiar with the popular streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. These services can not only be viewed on TV, but also on almost any other device with an internet connection. Local channels can of course not be left behind and that is why there are now various services that allow you to watch your favorite programs and channels everywhere.

A good example is KPN’s online TV service. By downloading KPN’s iTV app, KPN customers can watch TV for free on an Android or iOS device via WiFi or 4G. Other providers offer a similar service. We recommend comparing Internet and TV providers to see which providers offer this service.

Many people are already affiliated with an internet provider, but this is not necessarily necessary to watch local channels on your mobile. This way you can easily register with the NLZIET online TV app. With this service you can watch live channels such as NPO, RTL and SBS. You can also watch missed programs at a later time. A total of 36 channels are affiliated with NLZIET. You can try NLZIET for free for 1 month.

Do you watch television on your mobile and which service do you use for this? Let us know in the comments below.