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Watch free TV from your mobile with these applications

Watch free TV from your mobile with these applications

It is no longer necessary to hire a cable service or have a television to be able to enjoy the Spain TV channels. The only thing you have to have is a mobile phone with Android 4.2 or higher to be able to enjoy the best DTT content or even the TV channels from other countries.

The best apps to watch TV

Next we are going to offer you 5 applications that will let you see not only Spanish TV channels, but also you can watch movies, anime and much more. And we haven’t told you the best part yet, because the most incredible thing is that all the content within these apps is free.

TV Spain Online Free

This app allows you watch all DTT TV channels and SAT from your mobile and for free. The interface is very simple to use, and best of all, the channels that can be seen deliver a quality higher than 480p.

TV Spain TDT online

If you want to see all the channels that reach homes through DTT but from your Android mobile or tablet, then this is the answer to all your problems. With this app you can watch TV programming live on DTT and free. All you need is an Internet connection (preferably WiFi) and you’re good to go.

tv tubi

This is the application on the list that has the best interface. It shows that they have spent a lot of time developing it, because it is very simple to use and also has almost no problems at the time of tune in to a live channel. It doesn’t have the amount of content one might expect, but the good thing is that there are movies and series anime included in your catalog.

Watch Live TV

If you are not afraid of English and you understand a few words, then Watch Live TV you will like. It is an application that allows you to watch live and online television channels from almost anywhere in the world. There are many countries included in the app, and best of all, you don’t have to pay anything to tune in to those channels.

Spanish TV/DTT

if you are looking for one application that has all the channels of Spanish TV, then this app will serve you. It stands out for the following characteristics:

It should be clarified that these 5 applications are legal, this means that you will not break any laws using them. All content displayed in these apps is free and freely accessible. So don’t worry, download them and start enjoying your favorite television channels.