Use YouTube on the TV: Here’s how

With many millions of videos in all categories, YouTube offers more entertainment than all TV stations and streaming providers. Consequently, many users want to watch YouTube on TV. Read how many different ways this is possible.

YouTube content ends up on your TV in a variety of ways.

The way to play YouTube on TV depends on your TV in the first place.

YouTube on the TV: No problem with SmartTVs

The simplest solution is SmartTV. There is a free YouTube app for Internet-enabled televisions such as the Samsung UE40J6289, which is usually preinstalled. So you just have to start the app and you are then in the usual YouTube universe.

For non-SmartTVs: Small tools bring YouTube to the TV screen

If your television is not Internet-enabled, you can change this with simple tools. With WiFi devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or Google Chromecast, all you have to do is plug into the TV’s HDMI input. You then have access to a number of common apps via the menu of the respective device, such as Netflix, Maxdome and of course YouTube. You also have the same option with modern game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One: The consoles are connected to the Internet and can be used as a multimedia center for the television.

From mobile device to TV: Here’s how

As a third option, you can stream YouTube content to TV from the mobile app. However, your TV also needs a network connection for this, since the mobile device wants to communicate with the TV via the WLAN router. This is very easy with a SmartTV; Older TVs, on the other hand, have to use one of the tools mentioned above.