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Ulefone X, the best budget smartphone with notch

Ulefone X, the best budget smartphone with notch

We know that paying 900 euros for a mobile phone is crazy, but… what if there is a decent alternative for much less money? The Ulefone X it could be that mobile device you’ve been looking for for years.

It may seem complicated to replace a mobile as powerful as the iPhone, but the criticism of this Ulefone X places it as the best economic alternative. double camera, glass front and back that remind us of the manzanita and some details that you will be interested in knowing, do you want to know more?

Ulefone X, a device to match

Before talking a little about the results it offers, we want to remind you of its specifications, well above the alternatives for its price.

To this we have to add some important additions such as a rear fingerprint reader, Dual SIM with 4G (compatible with all the bands we use in Spain), GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, FM radio and Android 8.1 Oreo with hardly any customization layer.

How does this Ulefone X perform?

We have tested it and thanks to the powerful Helio P23 this device performs very well, we will have no problem moving heavy applications or games, it even runs smoothly with demanding titles like PUBG Mobile.

Another advantage is the amount of free space it brings and its rear camera, as it works quite well and offers decent results. Nor should we forget that it integrates everything we may need in a mobile and its design is a 10 out of 10. On the outside it gives us the impression that we are facing a much more expensive mobile.

If you are wondering, you will like to know that it offers an approximate duration of between 5 and 7 hours of screen time, a figure that gives us a duration of 1 day and a half or two with intensive use.

Where can you get the Ulefone X for only 140 euros?

If you want to get one of the Ulefone X offer units, you should know that it is for sale at GearBest Spain. It costs us €140 with a 2-year guarantee in Spain. and SAT here.

If something happens we will not have to send the mobile to China to repair. As for shipping there is no addition, it is totally free and we will not be charged customs using the Priority Line. Do you want yours?