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Two perfect keyboards to control your Android TV Box

Two perfect keyboards to control your Android TV Box

Getting an Android TV Box is one of the best choices you can make in your living room, but once you have it you realize that the commandin most cases, it does not end up being 100% useful.

It is for this reason that the best way to control it is a keyboard and a mouse but putting a mouse means sitting up and not lying on the couch. We have found two keyboards with touchpad that will suit you perfectly and will be perfect for controlling your Android TV Box or even an Android TV device.

iPazzPort KP

A small, compact accessory with integrated touchpad and perfect to wear with anything. It can even be used with a tablet or mobile phone since it has Bluetooth technology.

The iPazzPort KP is perfect because it is very compact and its price is very low, only 14 euros and you will have a control that will be perfect for any TV Box. If you have any questions about it feel free to use the comments.

Logitech K400 Plus

if you prefer something larger and more comfortable, but also more cumbersome, the Logitech K400 Plus seems to us the ideal option in that sense. This keyboard is perfect if you like to browse the Internet with your TV Box as it is large and allows us to use it comfortably.

Thanks to its integrated touch panel we can also control the mouse. The only difference with the previous one is that it has a small USB dongle that we will have to connect to our TV Box but, thanks to that, it becomes compatible with any PC. You will not have a problem with the USB, it is compatible with any Android.

We hope we have helped you with this difficult choice of keyboards for your devices, since many times we start looking and see that a keyboard plus mouse combination is not ideal. The best from our point of view is buy a keyboard with integrated mouse Like one of the ones we have recommended.