TV for PS4 at a reasonable price for gamers

We present three FullHD TVs at a low price that will satisfy players with a small budget.

Our budget is +/- 2,000 PLN, let’s see if we can buy a FullHD TV for the PS4 console at this price.

At the beginning, when choosing a TV set, we must answer the question with what intensity we will use it, i.e. whether the priority will be games (80%), and occasionally we will watch TV programs or movies (20%), will the proportions balance 50/50 or games they will only be an addition (20%), and we will watch movies and TV programs mainly on TV.

If your TV is only to be connected to the console and you will mainly play online games, especially shooters, sports games or fights, then the most important parameter you need to pay attention to when choosing a TV is “input lag”. Unfortunately, TV manufacturers do not provide this parameter in the technical specification, and sellers do not have such knowledge.

So what is “input lag”?

Input lag is the reaction time of the TV to the command sent by the controller and console, i.e. the time needed for e.g. reactions of our character after tilting the analog. Experts suggest that the best gaming comfort will be obtained on TVs with a response time of up to 30ms. The acceptable playing comfort is achieved on receivers with a response time of 40-60ms. According to TV experts, more than 70ms is not suitable for playing demanding games. 70ms corresponds to a loss of about 6-7 frames per second, so in dynamic games, that’s a lot. Cheap TV sets from unknown companies can have input lag even at 200ms! 0.2 seconds is not much, but you know well that in demanding games every frame counts.

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Information about input lags will be provided only by professional services that deal with detailed tests of TV sets. In Poland, is such a portal, and in the UK. The measurement of the reaction time is measured by a special meter Leo Bodnar Lag Tester. The tester sends the appropriate signal to the TV via HDMI cables, then collects data from the display using a photodiode and thus calculates the delay.

Leo Bodnar lag tester

A typical gaming TV: Sony KDL-42W705B or


At the beginning of 2014, Sony presented TV sets with a record low input lag. The Bravia W7 models achieved 14 ms, which is a new record for response time. The W7 series models are a compromise between the budget W6 series and the wide range of the W8 series. The KDL-42W705B model is the best TV for players, in addition to the above-mentioned low input lag, the TV has 200Hz matrices in Motionflow mode – this is a function that is responsible for smooth reproduction of movement. VA matrix, thanks to which we have a high contrast (3300: 1) and low smudging. The TV has four HDMI inputs and two USB ports. The TV can also boast a real blackness and uniformity of backlight. The TV automatically sets the appropriate gaming mode when it detects a signal from the PS4 console. The low level of energy consumption is also a big advantage. An important curiosity, the stand can also be used as a wall hanger.

Let’s move on to the disadvantages – the biggest one is the lack of support for 3D image, but as I mentioned at the beginning, this is a typical TV for gamers, so at the expense of the 3D effect a mega-fast matrix was installed, which players playing dynamic games will surely appreciate. However, in the movies there are minor problems with color reproduction, which can be corrected using the professional calibration service.

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Overall, it is the best TV for quality / performance / price ratio. If you are going to play mainly on TV, you don’t mind the lack of 3D effect and expect a fast matrix, this is TV for you.

A detailed test on HDTVPolska

Price from PLN 2050.

TV sometimes games, sometimes movies: Philips 42PFH6309

It must be admitted that the exclusive Ambilight feature, which has been installed in Philips TVs from the 6000 series upwards, stole my heart. Unique Philips technology significantly widens the screen visually. The TV emits a very wide glow on the wall from both sides of the screen. Interestingly, the color of our wall does not affect it, the effect will adapt to any color of the wall. In the more expensive Amblight models, there are three and even four-sided. What does this effect look like? Oh yeah:

Now let’s move on to the parameters that interest players the most. Input lag, according to professional testers, in this series is 30-35ms, which is a good result and sufficient for an average player, although fans of dynamic shooters can already turn their noses. 200 Hz matrix in Perfect Motion Rate mode – technology of refreshing, quality and smooth image ensuring dynamics. The TV has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports. Do you like to play on split screen? Philips has a very cool solution for you – Full Screen Gaming.

The set with the TV set includes two special pairs of glasses, thanks to which players playing on a split screen will see the whole picture on the TV set. Thanks to 3D technology, both players can simultaneously use the full-screen mode in the game – just press the appropriate button on the glasses. And it works like this:

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This was done with a simple trick – one player has two left glasses and the other two right glasses, so he only sees the image intended for his profile.

Filmmakers will appreciate the 3D effect, in this case passive, but there is. This means that we must sit directly in front of the TV and wear the special glasses that are included in the set. The TV has a 2D to 3D signal processing system, which works especially well when we have HD materials.

It’s hard to find faults with this TV. After all, we do not expect space technologies from him for reasonable money. Black is not as real as in the Sony model, but according to the reviewers, it is at a satisfactory level. The other colors are very expressive, unfortunately the passive 3D image is of average quality. Input lag is acceptable, but players playing online shooters may feel a little discomfort. In summary, it is an inexpensive TV for people who do not need space technology in the TV. It has what a decent TV should have – very good picture and sound, and it will also work great in games. The great Ambilight illumination system adds charm to it.

A detailed test on HDTVPolska

Price: PLN 1750

TV mainly for movies, occasionally for games: Panasonic TX-40AS640E

Panasonic has now dropped to PLN 1700, but its biggest advantage is the reproduction of vivid colors in movies thanks to the high contrast. The factory settings (“Real Cinema” mode), according to the reviewers, are perfect, and after professional calibration, we can get an image that only film producers have seen – a contrast above 4500: 1. The image presented by AS640E TV sets is crystal clear, and sports fans will see the smallest details during dynamic sports games. The TV has three HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

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The TV also has great viewing angles, and the matrix is ​​evenly illuminated. The 3D image also impresses thanks to technology Backlight Scanning 1200 Hz it is practically realistic, and long viewing does not tire your eyes. Unfortunately, Panasonic consumes a lot of power, almost 100 Watt (x2 more than Sony). The games on this TV will also look beautiful, unfortunately, the response time leaves a lot to be desired 60ms. Of course, in such conditions it is possible to play, but we can rather forget about good results in a ranked game. Nevertheless, it is worth getting interested in this TV set if we are cinema lovers, serials and we like to play games from time to time.

A detailed test on HDTVPolska

price 1700 PLN

PS. If you do not care for 3D, but for a faster matrix, the TX-42AS600 model will be an alternative for you, its input lag is only 28ms, and the prices start from PLN 1,400!

The above text was created after reading many TV tests on professional portals such as and

What do you think about our proposals? Or maybe you have some other TV set at a reasonable price to recommend to players?