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TV: English – Here’s how to change the language easily


TV: English – Here’s how to change the language easily

If you have set your TV to German but are more familiar with the English language, you can change this in the settings. This makes the TV experience much more comfortable, since many instructions for better picture settings are in English.

The benefits of language change

If you change the language, you can see all the descriptions and explanations of your TV in English. A particular advantage is that many applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime automatically adjust their offer. If you like to watch your films and series in English, you can use this to remedy the situation. Videos on YouTube are excluded. The language settings there depend on the content of the respective video. Here you switch at most the service to English.

How do you set your TV to English?

  1. First, start your TV.
  2. Now navigate to the “System settings” of your TV set. You can find this by pressing the “Options” button on your remote control.
  3. Once here, you can change your language settings under “Language and location”. The exact title of the settings may vary by model.

Also pay attention to whether there are TV stations that show series or films in the original language. This is currently the case with ProSieben Maxx, for example. The freely accessible station will broadcast “Homeland” and “House of Cards” in the original English.