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Tripmate HT-TM01 review, a pocket device with router-Access Point ethernet, Bridge, Nas Wireless and external battery functions

Tripmate HT-TM01 review, a pocket device with router-Access Point ethernet, Bridge, Nas Wireless and external battery functions

The Tripmate HT-TM01 is a small pocket device with a number of features that prove to be really interesting especially for those who own a mobile devices, not only with android operating system.

Below we will try to list them all, also explaining the possible ones advantages in practical use.

Router / Access Point function

Thanks to the presence of a ethernet port it is possible to connect the Tripmate to any LAN network or even directly to an apparatus that provides internet connectivity (dsl modem or home router), effectively transforming it into a real Access Point capable of providing smartphones, tablets and notebooks with a wireless connection where it is not present.

Using this function is really very simple as all you need to do is connect with a municipality RJ45 ethernet cable the Tripmate to the modem port, to that of switch integrated in own router or any other type of wired network.

On the mobile device, after activating the WiFi module, we will only have to connect to the network created by the called accessory TripMate-xxxx (the default password is 11111111).


Bridge function

In addition to an ethernet network, the Tripmate HT-Tm01 can also be connected to an existing wireless network and connected to the Internet.
The advantages of this feature are:

To take advantage of this function you must necessarily connect to the TripMate WiFi as indicated in the previous point and through a web browser type the address to access its configuration panel.

For login use as user admin (the password is empty, therefore we advise you to always change it from the configuration panel).

From here click on Network> Internet> Wireless Access and in the fields SSID And Password enter the data of the wireless connection of your home access point.

Nas function

The Nas function will allow you to connect external hard drives and USB sticks to TripMate and share their content with your smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Access is via the appropriate TripMate app, available for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. Obviously you will have to be connected to the WiFi of the accessory as illustrated in the first paragraph (it does not matter to connect it to the internet).

From a graphic and usability point of view, the TripMate app is not the best, but even if it is not documented by the manufacturer, we point out that you can access the shared content even through your favorite file manager using the SMB or WebDav protocol (user and password are the same as those of the web configuration panel).

This will make file transfer operations much easier
In both cases, however, you can also use the TripMate as a media server for watch movies or listen to music directly from your usb hard drive.

External battery

All the functions we have described to you can be used without connect the TripMate to a external energy source.

This is thanks to the built-in 6000 mAh battery can also be used in emergency situations to recharge the phone.

From the 6000 mAh, however, you will have to subtract the energy consumed by the TripMate itself for its functions, but in any case you will be able to perform at least one full charge of a battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh (such as that of the Galaxy S5).

The equipment of the Tripmate HT-TM01 includes a microusb cable useful for reloading and a manual with Italian language included (the translation is not perfect but thanks to the images and to what we have explained to you in this article the difficulties of use are really minimal).

As mentioned it is a pocket accessory.
Her size they are indeed quite contained (4.4 x 9.6 x 2.8 cm) and it is really hard to believe that such a small object can offer so many functions.

Considering all its potential the price it’s not high at all.
Currently you can buy it at a discount on Amazon.it for € 37.99, with shipping costs included.

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