TOP 5 best applications for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (free)

If you have the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, surely you want to discover the 5 best applications for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Today we are going to talk to you about some very good ones based on our experience that you will be able to download for free from the Play Store. A few days ago we told you that you could customize your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with this free application, without a doubt it is one of the best that you can find to download. Moreover, you can see what this app can do from the following image, because it is one of the most complete that you will find to try with your smartband 2.

The 5 best applications for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

This is our selection of best apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It is a varied selection in which you will find all kinds of applications. You will be able to download all of them from the Play Store safely and for free. They are free apps for owners of a Xiaomi SmartBand 2. This means that it might not work if you have another version of the bracelet.

  • Notify & Fitness for Mi Band. The first recommended app could not be other than this one, because it is possibly the best. A perfect application that you will be able to use together with the official Xiaomi app to squeeze the options out of your bracelet. To give you an idea, this app is free and has a grade of 4. Among the features we highlight LED color for notifications, widgets for your smartphone and alarm clock function. It is the most salient thing about this app. To have all this, you need to install this free app from Google Play.
  • My Fit. could not miss the Xiaomi official appi. You will need this app to connect and register your bracelet if you want to use the official Xiaomi app to do so. People who have trouble syncing can use alternative apps. But it certainly works much better than years ago. It is the official app and it cannot be missing from your device, especially now that it is in Spanish. It has a grade of 3.2, since despite being official it causes problems in many terminals and users do not forgive it. But it promises to improve.

    • Tip: if you see that it doesn’t work for you, you can register your Xiaomi Mi Band with another alternative app or download an older APK of Mi Fit.
  • Fix-it for Mi Band 2. This is the typical application that you are not going to believe exists, but the truth is that it is great because it helps you solve problems. You will be able to solve the typical synchronization errors that arise more and more. So if you have it, install it to fix it. It cannot be missing on your device either. Users consider it essential. However, it has a 3.5 mark for advertising, sometimes it can be annoying, but the app is free, we forgive it and recommend it to you to try it, because it won’t cost you anything.
  • GoogleFit. If you’re looking for a good fitness app, Google’s is one of the best you’ll find on Google Play. It’s playing safe. It has a 4 note and is free. It still has a lot to improve, but the interface is clean and offers a good user experience. You can use it together with your Xiaomi smartband 2 to get more out of your bracelet and get fit with Google. This app is a must also for many smart watches. We are using it on the Moto 360 2 and it works quite well, but as we already told you, we believe that it still has room for improvement.
  • Better Notifier for Mi Band. This app is perfect for my Mi Band 2. It has a grade of 3.2 because it has caused problems in older versions of this bracelet. But you will be able to customize the notifications to your liking, so that your smart bracelet offers you more options than you have by default. If you want to customize the notifications, although the first one also allows you completely, this is just for that, so it is lighter. It’s free, so don’t hesitate to try it.
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These are (possibly) the 5 best applications for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Do you recommend any that are better? We will be happy to try it, because it is clear that finding all the compatible apps is complicated, but all of these work well and you will like them.

We hope you liked our selection. Do not hesitate to tell us which applications from the Play Store or by APK do you use with your Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Enjoy these 5 apps!!