Top 10 Apps 2017

The last month of the year is always the ideal time to look back and be able to select the highlights of the year. In this past week we have been able to see the lists of the best mobiles, tablets or games. Now, it’s time to do the same with applications. There’s a lot apps available for android nowadays. So that selecting 10 is a complicated task.

But we have made it. Because, Below we present the Top 10 most outstanding Android applications of this year. Not all of them have to have been released in 2017, but they have been very important this year. What applications have entered the list?

The The intention has been to create a Top 10 as varied as possible. So we find all kinds of applications that are sure to be of interest to many users. We will explain a little about each application so that you can get an idea about them. Ready to meet the 10 selected?


2017 has been the year of cryptocurrencies, so there had to be some app related to them on the list. Delta is an application that allows us follow the evolution of the value of most cryptocurrencies available on the market. So we can have a clear picture of what is happening in the market. What’s more, allows you to add purchases and sales that have been carried through other services.

Delta is an ideal application for those who want to start in the world of cryptocurrencies. It has a very intuitive design and is extremely useful to see its value in real time. You can download the app from free way on Android. Although there are purchases inside.


Many users regularly search applications that help them lead a healthier life. Fortunately, there are very useful applications that combine several services. A good option to consider is Gyroscope. An application thanks to which you can have information about many aspects of your day to day (hours asleep, heart rate, number of steps…). This way you get reports about your activity.

A good way to have control over what you do and thus be able to analyze it and change things to lead a healthier life. A very complete and very useful application. The download is free, although inside we find purchases.


Many Android users are looking for apps to edit photos. Currently there are many applications that allow us to do this, but Fotor is possibly one of the most complete options What can we find. It has been defined by some media as portable Photoshop, so you can already get an idea of ​​how well it works.

It has many editing options, so we can do all kinds of arrangements with this application. It is possibly one of the most complete editors today. Most features are available for free, although we also have a payment option available.

HOOKED – Chat Stories

It is one of the most original applications that we can find nowadays. It is an application that allows us read the most intriguing stories in the form of chat. Thrillers of the most intense that will leave you wanting to discover more. The fact that they are presented in chat format makes it as if you were reading the conversation between two people.

The stories are not too long, so it is a very interesting option to consider if you like to read stories. The app download is free, although we find shopping inside.


One of the best applications to check any news. Thanks to Feedly we have the news or social media posts at our fingertips. So that we can keep abreast of all the news in a simple way. It’s one of the best feed readers today. Thus, we can have direct access to everything that is interesting to us.

I know It is an application that will help us make much more efficient use of our device. The download is free and we also have no purchases inside.


An ideal application for those who need help with math. It is a great help to be able to do homework or learn how to solve many mathematical problems. The only thing the user has to do is take a picture of the problem or task to be done. In this way they help us to solve the problem and explain it step by step.

It is also a utility app for history, geography or science. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an ideal option to help you with your tasks. The app download is free and has no purchases or ads inside.

Tandem: learn English and more languages

Learning languages ​​is essential for most people, especially to have chances of accessing better jobs in the future. Luckily, we have many applications on Android. Now, we can add one more to the list, since Tandem is a great option. In fact, it has even been recognized by Google as one of the best applications of the year.

Us allows you to learn English or other languages ​​in a simple and entertaining way. We have many exercises of all kinds available. In addition, we have the help of native people in the application. So the learning process is reliable and we have constant support. The app download is free, although we find shopping inside.

Cookpad Recipes

The recipe apps have gained enormous popularity over time. Cookpad is one of the most outstanding options in this category. We met with lots of recipes available in the app. The best thing is that there are all kinds of dishes, so all users will be able to find something to their liking in it. What’s more, the search engine is great. We can search for recipes by entering one of its ingredients.

Another detail that makes it a good option is that the users can add their own recipes. So it is possible to exchange recipes with other people. The download is free, although it has purchases inside.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

One of the most positive things is that we can learn many things using applications. As you can already guess thanks to the name of this application, it is possible to learn to play the piano thanks to her. An ideal application for beginners to be able to improve their technique. We have many musical pieces available in the application. Many of them by great composers.

The downloading this app for android is free, although we find shopping inside.


Is a ideal application to be able to record audio with your device Android. It is an application with which we can record our own podcasts if we want. We can create audio or record music thanks to her. The best thing, apart from the many options it provides us, is that has an intuitive design. So you will immediately know how to move in the application and use it perfectly.

Undoubtedly one of the most complete options in this type of application. The downloading this app for android is free. In addition, it has no purchases or ads inside.

This is our selection with the 10 best applications of 2017 for Android devices. We hope you have found this selection interesting. Do not hesitate to download those that you liked the most. Which of these apps do you think is the best?