Tier List of characters in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

One of the most popular video games of the Dragon Ball franchise on mobile phones is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and along with its translation into Spanish came the numerous alternatives for teams and character rankings. Namco Bandai’s proposal lets you build your team of warriors with characters from all the animated series and movies inspired by the work of Akira Toriyama, and this time we tell you what the best character rankings are, or list of levels, so that know which are the most powerful and which teams work best to win all your battles.

In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle we have to take into account our characters, the team we form and the strategy for the battle. Different character levels and how they complement each other can make all the difference in a story battle or side quest. In Dokkan Battle we will spend a lot of time fighting to increase the statistics of our warriors to survive in the final confrontations against final bosses. These are the tier lists or tier lists to better combine the Z fighters and villains created by Akira Toriyama.

S Tier characters (maximum number of units, 12)

In this section we find the highest level characters. They are the best additions to a team, as long as we can put together combined strategies to get the most out of each group. All type and category leaders are included, and you can find from heroes to villains of the most powerful.

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Level A characters (maximum, 20 units)

It is the second level in terms of power and performance. Units of this rank are a great addition to your team or squad. They serve to form the general base of strength and defense for our group. They are solid characters with some weak points, but in general they are the raw material of a good team.

Level B characters (up to 35 units)

In this level we will find Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle characters with different disadvantages that prevent their level up. In the early stages of the game, a Level B Goku or a Piccolo can be very useful, but it is best to discard these characters to replace them with more powerful ones over time.

Level C (maximum, 50 units)

These types of cards have numerous disadvantages. You’re going to use them quite a bit in the early stages of the game, but the characters soon find themselves outmatched by cards from the same warrior but at a higher level. Here you find mainly young versions of the heroes or very secondary characters of the intergalactic plots of Dragon Ball.

Support level (category S, 2 units; category A and B, 4 units)

These types of cards, which could appear at levels S, A or B, are not part of the traditional character grid. They offer actions and special effects that can help in combat, but they are in their own category.

Honorable Mention Level (maximum, 10 units)

This last level is very varied. It is not necessarily a level below C, but is reserved for cards with specific mechanics or uses in specific situations. Normally, these cards are not benefited by the extra effects of a leader card.

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In the team selection strategy, these honorable mention cards should be used when you want to take advantage of their specific features, because of the type of team you’ve built. The best way to select and use these warriors is to create synergies between the main and higher level characters, and the positive effect and support style that this warrior brings. At higher levels, answers from a team in the same category end up being better, but there are still interesting honorable mentions to try.

The game modes in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Once our team has been chosen and the different warriors selected according to their attributes, we can start explore Adventure Mode, with story-based combat and in original adventures. And the Special Events mode, which allows you to get fabulous rewards inspired by in the Dragon Ball universe and in all kinds of alternate futures, off-plot combat, or even offshoots of the manga and anime universe.

meet and learn to combine the levels in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle tier list to build your team is a fundamental element in your strategy. Sometimes, it’s not just about choosing the character we like the most, or the most powerful in the series, but about their card level, their abilities and the possibilities of working together with the rest of the team. For this reason, the factor of strategy and planning makes Dokkan Battle continue to be very popular on Andorid mobiles, since it is a Dragon Ball game that hides numerous surprises and challenges every day.