Three keys by which PUBG: New State could be the end of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is, along with Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire, one of the most played battle royale games on mobile. This game has millions of users globally, as well as being one of the titles that generate the most money in the Google Play Store.

In recent months, various reports have been leaking that point to a new PUBG. Some called it PUBG 2.0, but we have known for a couple of days now that it will be released soon as PUBG: NewState. This new game will be yet another competition for PUBG Mobile, despite being from the same folks at PUBG Corporation. This is where Tencent and Krafton, two famous and important video game studios, will face each other, measuring each other shoulder to shoulder.

Will PUBG Mobile die at the hands of PUBG: New State?

Since the release of the PUBG: New State trailer, the impact generated within the PUBG community in general has been great. Players of Tencent’s PUBG Mobile, a game that has been released for almost three years, have seen it with good eyes, but not all. There is joy on the part of some, while others do not want the launch of a new title that rivals PUBG Mobile, at least not so directly.

PUBG: New State will keep the essence of PUBG Mobile, or that is the promise, but in a futuristic environment of 2051. Therefore, there will be different cars, maps and tactical objects, as well as other things that we will discover later. But… will this be enough for PUBG Mobile to die?

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The intention of the launch of PUBG: New State is not that PUBG Mobile runs out of players and that the battle royale goes into the background, far from it. However, this is what could happen if the new game is considerably better and abides by the following three keys (in no particular order of priority), which have been a big problem in PUBG Mobile, causing many players to be dissatisfied:

zero hackers

The topic of hackers has been one of the biggest problems that PUBG Mobile has suffered. In season 15, let’s remember, that’s when it became unbearable. Many were the players who complained about the countless appearances of other players with “chetos” that damaged the gaming experience, by having programs and applications that gave them an unusual and quite large advantage over others. Some of the most used hacks were the antenna, only headshots and super speed.

Luckily, Tencent implemented measures through updates that almost completely eliminated this problem, so Nowadays it is rare to find hackers in classic games.

However, the damage to the game was, in part, irreparable. Many were the players who abandoned PUBG Mobile completelyfrustrated that they couldn’t rank up because of it, and moved to CoD or Free Fire because of it, so much so that PUBG Mobile downloads dropped significantly back then.

If PUBG: New State guards against hackers at all times and ensures a player-free gaming experience with advantages provided through illegal apps, it will undoubtedly be a more interesting option than PUBG Mobile for many.

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Better servers for lower latency

PUBG Mobile has numerous servers around the world, so it can be played almost anywhere. However, despite the fact that the game has servers deployed in key areas to offer a good connection and latency for players, the case of Latin America is different.

While in Europe, the United States and Asia practically any player can easily count on a stable latency of less than 100 ms on their own servers, in Latin America and some Central American countries they hardly have latencies of between 150 and 200 ms on average, even with good internet.

In battle royale games like these, latency is the most important for a good experience. It is the daily nightmare for many with ping greater than 100 ms to have to meet players with ping of 20 ms; in most cases (skill excepted), whoever has the best latency wins the matchup.

So if PUBG: New State guarantees servers around the world that can offer good latency to all of its players, regardless of region, it could gain a significant number of players from the moment of its launch.

No overpriced spinners and skins

Many will agree that PUBG Mobile is a very expensive game. While it’s free to download, install, and play, in-game items for sale, ranging from weapon skins to upgrades and outfits, can cost hundreds of dollars.

PUBG: New State could take advantage of this and offer skins and items that are cheaper and more supportive of players’ pockets. In addition, if you offer items directly and with fixed prices, without wheels that require luck as in the case of PUBG Mobile, more than one player would be interested in these. This would be a more honest way to offer skins.