This is One UI 3.0 in beta on the Galaxy S20 with Android 11

While more and more Galaxy terminals are receiving the One UI 2.5 update, now we can take a look at quick look at One UI 3.0 that can be seen in beta on the Galaxy S20.

And yes, we talked about that Android 11 version of the Galaxy that should receive it at the end or early next year (and please end now). We have been able to access a few screenshots of what we can have in hand when updating to One UI 3.0. Go for it.

New quick access panel

In One UI 3.0 we can access for the first time the majority changes that quick access panel is taken and that show the degree of exquisiteness in the design in this update.

An Gaussian blur effect that allows us to glimpse everything we have on the desktop and that dignifies the elements of the UI in the quick access panel.

New interface for volume

Another novelty closely related to the user experience and the design of one of the aspects that we most often resort to during the day, and which is none other than the volume bar that goes from being horizontal to move to that more vertical format.

The horizontal is remains so that from that «slider» or vertical slider From the volume we can horizontally expand the rest of the sound sources such as notifications, multimedia, and more. A significant change for another experience with One UI 3.0 and we welcome it because it looks pretty good from the screenshots.

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And so there are three of the most visited spaces

We talk about the recent apps, home and lock screen. In other words, of three spaces designed for One UI 3.0 and that, as you can see in the images, it is not that they have received changes to mention.

We still have the shortcuts at the bottom for the camera and calls on the lock screen. where there is a significant change is in recent with that app card in which we find that it takes a larger central space and the previous one is smaller in comparison. For the rest little more to add.

Obligations «Android»

We refer to the “Android” obligations for the reason that in order to be able to push an update to an android phone It has to be revised or simply incorporate everything that is linked to Android 11 and that we know about Pixels and other phones from days ago.

Among these news we talk about floating bubbles in the messages for the chat apps, or the permissions that we can give at once. Of course, we can forget about other new features such as Device Controls, Quick Access to Wallet, Media Controls, and Quick Settings or conversations in notifications.

That said, the vast majority of those features we already have them in Samsung for a long timeso we are faced with one of the advantages of owning a Galaxy, apart from its exceptional characteristics in hardware, screen, etc.

What’s New in Bixby Routines

The novelties for Bixby Routines are also interesting and allow very interesting automations. Among the novelties are the possibility to customize the icon for each routinesee the actions that are reverted when a routine ends, activate several accessibility options at the same time, activate Bixby and use new conditions among which are specific time, WiFi network, Bluetooth connection and incoming calls from a specific contact or any contact .

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Other details of One UI 3.0

As many have asked. Here is the animations from OneUI 3 pre beta 1

— Rydah | Samsung Daddy (@SamsungRydah) September 15, 2020

To finish, and as a preliminary, since the list is quite extensive, we have a new battery mode dubbed as “minimum battery usage”and that applies a dark theme, a minimalist home, and limits the use of the battery in the apps.

We can also count on a mode that will give a plus to the performance of the phoneeasy access to keyboard settings, wireless DeX for those Galaxy who didn’t get it in 2.5, and custom wallpapers for phone calls.

Now to wait for us to know when a beta will arrive in these parts and we can test all these new features in situ. OneUI 3.0 on a Samsung Galaxy that we have seen from XDA; and that by the way will be more and more thanks to the 3 years of support in updates.