This is all the new cosmetic content coming to Fortnite with the v8.20 update!

The Fortnite: Battle Royale update V8.20 has already arrived and it is loaded with aesthetic content: skins, backpacks, camouflages, dances … All this new aesthetic content is here to offer more customization to Fortnite: Battle Royale players. These are all new plugins!

Increase the style with the new Fortnite update

Eliminating enemies and winning games is fine, but it doesn’t look so cool without a good aesthetic set. Style has become one of Fortnite’s main hallmarks, that’s why Epic Games introduces new content weekly, And this week was not going to be less! The user @ Lucas7yoshi is the one who has detected all this new content, in addition to packs of aesthetic elements. For starters, we have a set of volcanic theme.

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If you don’t like volcanic, the pirate theme It also comes with a pack of aesthetic elements. Delight yourselves!


You may not like the pirate aesthetic either. Nothing happens! Epic Games has thought of a Shamans aesthetics and rituals. That doll doesn’t give us very good vibes …


What’s the use of an amazing set if you can’t show it off? The dances They allow us to show off our sets and communicate with the rest of the players. Here are the additions for this week!


Finally, we have a varied selection of aesthetic elements: Spikes, backpacks, skins, camo and a glider

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These are all the cosmetic elements coming to Fortnite with the v8.20 update! What do you think of the new cosmetics? Which ones do you like best? Will you buy some? Tell us in comments.