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They are already here! These are the 5 best apps of the week

They are already here! These are the 5 best apps of the week

The week is coming to an end, and there is nothing better than enjoying a Sunday downloading the best apps. today here you we bring 5 applications that have arrived at the Play Store in the last week of October 2018, applications that you cannot miss.

Download the best apps of the week

This week has been very varied as far as applications are concerned. And the best of all is that the 5 apps that we show you below are free. We rarely see a list with free tools and games, so it could be said that it was a very good week.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager

If you like soccer games then you will like this a lot. It’s like a kind of “soccer sims” where you should manage a team, train, play matches And many other things. The game is free, although within it there are a large number of microtransactions.

Feedly Lab

If you use Feedly as your main news provider, then you can’t stay out of this service’s new tool. This application will allow you read news from your mobile with some extra elements unlike the utility that is provided on the web.

Hooky Crook

The platform games they are coming back to life, and a clear example of this is Hooky Crook. This is a game starring a small cat that you must help to eliminate all the enemies and advance through a large number of screens.

Assistant Shortcuts

If you want change the function of the buttons of your Android mobile, because this tool will help you make it possible. It lets you remap the operation of each terminal button in a matter of seconds.


Shooting game and simulation that brings something totally new to the genre. It is a title that at first seems difficult to understand, but as you play it you will realize that it is not as difficult as it seems.

If you have tried a new application that has been released this week, then leave us the link in the comment box. In this way other users will be able to test it on their own mobiles.