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These are the top 5 tips to always win in Badland Brawl!

These are the top 5 tips to always win in Badland Brawl!

For some beginners, advancing to new worlds in Badland Brawl can be difficult. In the game there is a point in which we can no longer advance, and we start losing games. This is because we are not fully prepared to reach other worlds.

It is important take into account the characteristics of the letters, so we can create the best deck for battles. Below, you will see the best tips to win in Badland Brawl.

Attack at the right time

There are two ways to get a good play in the beginning. Attack first, or defend the opponent’s attacks. In this case, it is more advisable to wait for the right moment to attack, since in this way We will see the weak point of the enemy.

While we defend the tower, our opponent will gradually spend his mana until he is left with nothing. When he runs out of mana, we can attack and deal more damage than normal. In this way, we will know his deck to know which clone to use.

On the other hand, if we are the first to attack, it is best perform direct combos. If we do it like this, there will be more chances that we will reach the enemy tower.

Change your strategy depending on your rival

There are players who always think the same, when we see that we are losing the battle, it is necessary to make different plays. You don’t have to start with the same combos all the time, remember that the enemies are different, and they will be increasingly difficult to beat.

Make sure the internet doesn’t influence the battle

Sometimes, what makes us lose is the internet itself. Make sure your network is in good condition, otherwise the game will go on standby while your opponent attacks. That is to say, actually we will be letting him win the game.

Switch decks when you fail to advance to a new world

One of the most important things in Badland Brawl is knowing when to switch decks. It’s good to use different cards to move forward when you’re stuck on a level. Thus we will create new combos, and strategies to defeat the enemies.

It is important to promote the eggs, since sometimes we can also lose because of the weak strength of our cards. Every time we win a game, they will give us an egg. There are different types:

The egg that we will receive will depend on the crowns that we have won in the battle. Although in the case of the gear egg, will be achieved every time we win 10 games. On the other hand, the colossal, crystal and ancient eggs are only obtained with gems.

join a tribe

If you haven’t, you better start considering it. Joining a tribe has many advantages, from increasing the level faster, to helping each other with resources. In group chat, we can ask our teammates for help in gathering upgrades for a specific card.

Have these tips helped you?