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These are the best alternatives to OpenOffice

These are the best alternatives to OpenOffice

If you are tired of using Open Office on your Android device, so don’t worry, there are alternatives to that office package. Although this suite of office tools is the best alternative to Microsoft Office, there are others that manage to fill in its usefulness perfectly.

Today here we will give you three alternatives to OpenOffice that will allow you to view and edit documents of all kinds of formats on your phone. But, before starting, it is necessary to clarify that these alternatives they are free. So don’t worry about anything, just focus your energy on seeing which one best suits your needs.

Best alternatives to OpenOffice for Android

From here we cannot give you a specific reason for use another office suite other than OpenOffice. The good thing is that any of these three tools can be used to replace said application.


App multifunction, free and small size that will allow you to view, edit and create Office documents in a very simple way. In addition, this tool allows you to convert documents from PDF to Word, convert text into images and even scan documents in the blink of an eye. Supports up to 51 languages Y supports more than 20 formats of documents.


Another more than interesting alternative to OpenOffice on Android. It allows you create, view and edit any type of document created in Word, Excel and others. The tool is updated on a regular basis, adding improvements and fixing bugs. It is one of the best office suites on the list.

Polaris office

There are more than 80 million users in the world who enjoy this application. So it could be said that it is a great alternative to OpenOffice. With Polaris office you can edit, view and create documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. It is free and very simple to use.

Which one is the best?

Objectively speaking, we cannot choose a single one as the best. The three alternatives offer almost the same, although there are certain differences in functions. I recommend you download all three applications so you can try which one best suits your needs.