These are the 10 most powerful mobile processor chipsets today

After having revealed which were the 10 most powerful smartphones of the moment, Antutu now brings us its list or ranking of the best performing smartphone processor chipsets.

Before listing them, it is worth noting that the Samsung Exynos have not been taken into account for this list, since it only contains the processors that are marketed in China -and the United States-, AnTuTu’s home country, and it must be taken into account Note that the South Korean firm only offers the Snapdragon variants of its high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series there, and not the Exynos, which are only intended for the European market and the rest of the world.

The Snapdragon 865 ranks as the leading SoC in the AnTuTu ranking

The Snapdragon 865 Plus is currently Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset today, but it has not been taken into account for this list either. In the same way, taking this into account and that the Snapdragon 865 launched in December of last year is the leader of this ranking, we must think that the SDM865+ is the most powerful of all, but we will not focus on it, but on what that AnTuTu shows us now.

Detailing the top positions, the aforementioned Snapdragon 865 is the processor that offers the best performance in smartphoneswith a high score of 401,108, which puts it considerably above its other rivals.

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The next four spots are occupied by Mediatek’s Dimensity 1000+ (341,714), Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus (327,796), Huawei’s Kirin 990 5G (307,979) and Snapdragon 855 (307,662).

The fact that Mediatek positions the Dimensity 1000+ as the second place winner tells us that the firm has fully entered the high-end segment, and in what way… The semiconductor manufacturer has recently offered good chipsets for the market of mid-range as well, thus once again highlighting its solutions as an attractive option for consumers to choose.

Top 10 most powerful phone processors today

The next five and last positions in the AnTuTu ranking are home to the Kirin 5G 990 (300,761), Dimensity 1000L (292,480), Kirin 980 (257,720), Kirin 985 5G (252,788) and Mediatek Dimensity 820, a mid-high-end chipset that has excelled in testing.

This is the Snapdragon 865, the most powerful chipset on the list, according to AnTuTu

The Snapdragon 865, as we described it at the time of its presentation, back at the end of last year, is made up of Kyro 585-type cores that represent an increase in speed and energy efficiency of 25%, compared to the Snapdragon 855, and it is broken down in the following cluster system:

  • Cortex-A77: 2.84 GHz main CPU + 3 x 2.4 GHz performance CPU.
  • Cortex-A55: 4 x CPUs dedicated to efficiency at 1.8 GHz.

The GPU that is implanted in the SoC is the well-known Adreno 650which also represents a speed increase of 25%, according to the manufacturer, compared to previous generations of processors, and an increase in energy efficiency of up to a solid 35%.

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To this we must add features such as the Elite Gaming function, which are focused on improving graphic quality and providing a greater dose of realism in the reproduction of content and more benefits. It also comes with support for HDR and HDR10+ content in games for screens up to 144Hz refresh rate. Also, as if that were not enough, the co-processor that helps match and further enhance things is the Hexagon 698, whose task is to further increase the final performance of the chipset.

The ISP we see in this high-performance piece is the ISP Spectra 480. This offers support for recording in 4K HDR and 8Km resolution, and capturing photos of up to 200 megapixels. This, in turn, will not represent a significant energy consumption, since the efficiency of the chipset in this section is very high, so there will not be any overheating or other mishap due to its operation.

In addition, the chipset also has support for slow motion recording (slow motion) at 960 frames per second in high resolution and HDR recording with Dolby Vision ready to be viewed on large screens.