The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 3 begin to receive the stable MIUI 12 update

Xiaomi continues to roll out its new and improved customization layer, which arrives as MIUI 12 and was released in mid-May with important news and new features that make the user experience significantly better than that offered by MIUI 11 and its past versions. .

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 3 They were among the best high-end at the time, back in 2018, the year in which they debuted on the market. At that time the first one arrived with Android Oreo and MIUI 9, except for the Mi Mix 3, which used Android 9 Pie from the beginning with MIUI 10. These are the phones that recently have MIUI 12 stable for download and installationsomething that renews them in order to continue offering a lot, since they are two mobiles that today have material to continue being good terminals with reliable performance.

Xiaomi launches the MIUI 12 OTA for the Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 3

The update that adds MIUI 12 to these mobiles currently It is spreading, at the moment, via OTA and only in China. However, it is clear that soon it will expand globallyas it is common for Xiaomi, as well as other Chinese firms, to start offering firmware packages in their host country, in order to offer them later throughout the world.

The bad thing is that we do not know when the MIUI 12 OTA will reach the Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 3 in the rest of the world, but it is possible that in the next few days or, at most, weeks we will receive the news that all units they can access the new OTA.

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This software may be the last big and important update for the Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 3, since neither has been mentioned to receive Android 11, something that would only leave them with future small updates with renewed security patches, typical bug fixes. Minor bugs and stability improvements. The build number of MIUI 12 for these devices in China are as follows:

  • My Mix 2S – V12.0.1.0.QDGCNXM
  • My Mix 3 – V12.0.1.0.QEECNXM

As we have already pointed out on several past occasionsthis new interface comes with an improved game mode that replaces the already known Game Turbo 2.0 for one that is more efficient. This is something that very positively affects performance when running games on these models, as well as offering users a more complete quick access panel with more shortcuts to apps and other functions.

Security and privacy are also one of the points on which MIUI 12 focuses the most. Xiaomi and, therefore, Redmi have been criticized in the past for supposedly not offering unbreakable protection to their consumers, something that has been rejected by both firms, as they allege that MIUI -in all its versions- has dedicated itself to not compromising not a bit the privacy of its users. Similarly, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to improve this department in MIUI 12, as part of its commitment to improvement.

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MIUI 12 also makes use of an optimized Artificial Intelligence for greater efficiency when executing multitasking and other sections. It is also equipped with several new video editing functions, floating window multitasking, updated proprietary applications coupled with the new interface style, more options and health features, and new wallpapers and sounds.

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The customization layer, on the other hand, adds new icons and a more optimized and organized aesthetic that is more pleasing to the eye. To this we must add the bar that is located on the bottom edge of the screen, which reminds us of the one we find in iOS and is currently gaining popularity in Android, something that will be further strengthened in Android 11, OS that is at the around the corner and in a few months it will be presented in its stable form for multiple devices.