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THE W45, a cheap smartphone with a quality screen

THE W45, a cheap smartphone with a quality screen

many will not know EL Mobile but this firm has been selling smartphones in China for a long time. And yes, it is also doing it in the African market, in fact, it currently has 10% of it. If you want more information about EL Mobile, consult its website.

El Mobile has a lot of factories in China and creates, above all, smartphones for users with low budgets. Of course, it is not the only thing that it manufactures, since it also has high-end smartphones. However, this time we want to talk to you about one of the cheapest of the firm, the EL W45.

How is the W45?

A couple of days ago we talked a little about them, the W40 and the W45. This time we want to delve a little into this mobile with a screen of 4.5 inches. It is perfect for users who prefer a compact smartphone.

This smartphone, despite its ridiculous price, has a IPS panel with better contrast and color saturation. The quality of this screen is not like that of most low-priced smartphones. It has a 90% sRGB color gamut and its brightness reaches 500 nitsfor perfect vision even in bright sunshine.

The screen uses RawColor technology

RawColor technology is similar to raw color adjustments in Photoshop, with high image quality. That is, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image if it needs it, similar to what HDR technology does albeit with some differences.

We know it’s hard to find quality screens in such cheap mobiles and even in the mid-range it is still a problem. There are many mobiles of 100 and 200 euros with panels of dubious quality. EL Mobile wants to change this with its W45.

In fact, in the video, you can see the phone and everything that comes in the package. Without a doubt, a good option to have a cheap smartphone. Can you imagine the price?

Only 44 euros, on AliExpress!

You can get an EL Mobile W45 for only 44 euros in AliExpress, a price of laughter. It is perfect for using WhatsApp, Facebook and basic tasks. good choice as second mobile or first if you don’t need to play complex games or tasks that require a lot of power.