The story of Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age already has its trailer

From the official Playstation account we get the trailer with the story of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

This game is the remake of the title released for Playstation 2 in 2006. In this remastering have focused on several things, so they have put it in the description:

“Enter an Age of War. Fight for freedom. Go on an Adventure. Experience the intrigue of the Final Fantasy XII story like never before with high definition graphics and the ‘Zodiac’ Jobs system, allowing characters to choose 2 of 12 available jobs in a character progression system first introduced in the release that was only released in Japan, Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac System. The title will also feature a remastered soundtrack, 7.1 sound, quick mode, the ability to autosave, faster loading times, new ‘Trial Mode’ and more. “

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It will be exclusive to Playstation 4 and will be released next month July. We leave you with the trailer:

Here is the link to the game’s official website.