The screen of mobile phones are a source of bacteria, we show you how to disinfect the screen of your Android terminal correctly

The headline could not be clearer, and that is the screen of mobile phones are a source of bacteria that host even more bacteria than the very lids of our toilets

This has been arrived at by a conclusive study at the University of Barcelona in which we are informed that a 55% of Spaniards, that is, ourselves, does not disinfect your personal items properlyAnd of course, the mobile is one of the most personal objects that we can consider in recent times and that it always accompanies us wherever we go, be it to the bathroom or to bed. Next, apart from showing you some photos that the truth is told will shake you, we are also going to give you some useful tips to properly disinfect the screen of our most important personal object that is nothing other than the screen of our sensational next-generation Smartphones. So you know, if you want to know how to properly disinfect the screen of your Android terminalI advise you to “keep reading this post.”

The proof that the screens of our Android terminals are a source of bacteria We can see it very clearly thanks to the following image in which we are shown the amount of germs that these happy screens can host, our personal devices that we usually use at all hours and they always go with us, even at lunchtime. .

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The image shows us that The screen of our mobile terminals is the main source of bacteria that we have at our fingertips on a daily basis.or, pockets of bacteria that are even more those that nest on the screens of our mobile devices than in the very lid or seat of the toilet or even greater bacterial contamination than in a doorknob that is within the reach of many hands or a used hand wipe.

To give you the idea, a cover or seat of Clean toilet contains around the 2nd bacteria, while a mobile screen at the end of the day can contain and house even the astonishing and chilling number of nothing more and nothing less than 600 different bacteria.

How to disinfect the screen of your Android terminal

To have the screens of all our terminals or mobile devices clean and disinfected, we are only going to have to acquire the healthy habit or habit of cleaning them regularly as we usually do before sitting at the table to eat with the convenient cleaning and washing from our hands.

In itself the only advice I can give you is that do not use chemical products such as window cleaners since these products, no matter how little amount we use, the protection of the aforementioned screens of our terminals and mobile devices is loaded. What’s more, It is advisable to use cloths, preferably microfiber since they do not release lint and just by moistening them a little with a few drops of water they will leave us the screen of our mobile terminal impeccable.

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Another way to properly disinfect the screens of our Android terminals, we have them by buying special wipes for this purpose, wipes such as glasses cleaning that we can find practically in any supermarket, drugstore or even in the famous Chinese stores that are so abundant throughout the Spanish geography.

By following these simple tips from clean our mobile screens daily, we will be able to greatly reduce that scandalous and worrying figure of the 600 bacteria with which we end up coexisting thanks to our latest generation devices.

Video in which Corning Gorilla Glass shows us the new antibacterial protection they have created for the screens of mobile devices

In the video you can see how a company as important as Gorilla glass, the main manufacturer of screen protectors for mobile devices, has already taken action on the matter and for some time already incorporates antibacterial technology in its next-generation screen protectors.