The possible Telegram of the future is filtered

A layout of Telegram a little weird but that could be the design of the future. In this article we will tell you what we could expect from Telegram for next month, these guys drop the date March 8, but we do not know anything about those rumors, because they could be just that and never come into being. However, they seem to be rumors of important weight practically 100% true, it is best that you see the images and features of the new Telegram:

The possible new Telegram design

The possible Telegram of the future is filtered

All this we have known through the guys from Appelmo, an Italian blog that has reported this version of Telegram. Seems to have features that sooner or later would reach the official update, and from what we have been able to find out, they are the following:

  • New app design, plus Material Design as we can see in the previous image. A design that at the beginning seems strange but that we like.
  • More functional interface, usability. We can also appreciate this through the photos. It is well thought out.
  • A new menu in which you can see a preview of images. This is similar to what we already have now.
  • New player for videos and music. We already tell you about this advantage of Telegram over other messaging services, since you can listen to music or watch videos without leaving Telegram. We can expand the video to full screen to enjoy a better experience. It is also said that we could even access all the music in the library and create lists.
  • Voice notes with waves. As we see in the previous photo, we have to see the typical sound waves in the voice notes. It is cool and original, a functionality that is not really necessary but that is very good.
  • Swipe to reply. This feature would reach the messages, and we would have the option to swipe a message to reply. Kind of a quick response.
  • Improvements in mentions to people in a group. We can also see it in the previous photo, it stands out for the one selected in blue. It is a great novelty and improvement.
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Did you know that this comes from a contest?

As you can see, there are quite a few features. And surely you wonder … where does all this come from? It seems that it is a contest that the head of Telegram has put, Pavel durov, so we could be facing a secondary app based on Telegram, with the aim that the best will be added to the official client. And we may see it soon.

Will we enjoy these features for the month of March? Everything indicates yes. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of this new design and its characteristics.

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