The possible ranks and number of prestige of Call of Duty WWII

Expectations are very high with the next Call of Duty WWII, and rare is the week when we do not know new details about the future shooter of Activision, developed this time by SledgeHammer Games. Today the information is related to the number of prestige what will we have in the mode multiplayer, as well as the maximum number of levels. Michael Coundrey has been able to give a possible clue about this data.

Call of Duty WWII will hit the market on November 3, and we will know many more details of the title at the next E3 2017.

It turns out that yesterday the co-founder and director in charge of Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey, replied to a user on Twitter (Pretty common developer practice). The user, in particular, asked him “How much did he want players to see the multiplayer mode of the new Call of Duty” To which Michael Condrey replied 55/10. This may not suppose anything, but the majority of fans of the saga have begun to speculate that the future SledgeHammer Game could have in its multiplayer mode 55 levels and 10 prestige. Something not crazy if we look back at the rest of the games in the saga.

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In this way, and for the moment (if this number is not expanded in future downloadable content), we could have a total of 550 levels to which to be able to rise in the new Call of duty contextualized in the Second War world.

We cannot guarantee this data with any security, so we ask you to take this information that we transmit to you with tweezers.


– Michael Condrey (@MichaelCondrey) June 7, 2017

Other details

In addition, yesterday, we learned about other characteristics that the new one will have Call of Duty WWII, such as the new mechanics when it comes to create weapon classes at multiplayer mode. Apparently, these will be replaced by what are known as «divisions«. In his own words Michael Condrey:

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We’re just days away from E3 2017 and the Sledgehammer Games team can’t wait any longer to share information about our plans for multiplayer. We are particularly looking forward to revealing more about Divisions. Divisions fundamentally redefine how players invest in their multiplayer soldier career. Substituting the system of creating a class, players choose from five iconic World War II divisions, each with specific basic combat training, division training, and weapon skills. We believe this section will delight veterans of the Call of Duty series, and we can’t wait for our fans to see it for themselves.

What do you think of this news? What do you expect from the Divisions in Call of Duty WWII?

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