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The OnePlus 6T will be the company’s most expensive mobile

The OnePlus 6T will be the company’s most expensive mobile

We recently told you that the OnePlus 6T sale date is October 30. However, it had not been revealed how much the flagship of the Chinese company was going to cost. Today an image has been leaked that reveals the OnePlus 6T price. It’s not that cheap, in case you were wondering.

Although there are only days left for this mobile to officially start selling, the OnePlus 6T price. The launches of this Chinese brand always cause a stir within the Android universe. The new OnePlus 6T could come to give strong competition to the most powerful devices on the current market.

How much will the new OnePlus 6T cost?

as you could see in the picturethe cheapest version of the OnePlus 6T will cost 37,899 rupees, about 477 euros to change. Be careful, this is an image that comes from Asia and in that market the mobiles of the Chinese company are much cheaper. When it arrives in the other regions, it will probably be with a totally different sale price.

If we take into account the prices that were leaked with the previous versions of the mobile, it is most likely that the OnePlus 6T will arrive in Europe costing about 569 euros in its basic model. This price would make it in the most expensive mobile in the history of the company.

Possible specifications of the OnePlus 6T

It’s true, there aren’t many secrets left about the new OnePlus flagship. Similarly, we have to wait for the official presentation to see if the terminal surprises us with an ace up its sleeve. When OnePlus launches one of its smartphones, millions of people around the world go out of their way to buy these high-performance machines. And you, would you spend the annual savings to acquire a OnePlus 6T?

Source | MySmartPrice