The official trailer for the Battle Royal game in Battlefield V. We also got to know the list of rifles and vehicles

Four days remain until the release of “Firestorm”, the free Battle Royal mode in Battlefield V for 64 players – fight solo or in a team of four. EA today released the official trailer showcasing the gameplay in Firestorm.

Firestorm is a Battlefield style Battle Royale experience. Dominate the largest map in the franchise history with epic weapons and combat vehicles as the deadly ring of fire begins to tighten. Seek loot, fight, and be the last team on the battlefield.

Here’s Halvøy, the Biggest Battlefield Map Ever:

Thanks to the update on the Battlefield V homepage, we also learned which vehicles and rifles will be available in Firestorm:

Combat vehicles

Powerful, durable and deadly – you surely don’t want to meet them on your way as you run from the ring of fire. Better to have them on your side. You can attach a mobile weapon (described below) to each of them.

  • Churchill Mk VII – Can only be found in Vehicle Bunkers. The British military used the firepower and toughness of this tank to show the Axis where crayfish winter. It also has a flamethrower built into the body. Take the driver’s seat with your team and three shooters to take full advantage of this behemoth’s power.
  • Panzer 38
    • Kubelwagen – a fast, armored car with an attached turret. It can accommodate three people – the driver, passenger and rear machine gunner.
    • Transporter M3 – Kubelwagen’s older brother. It can accommodate four people: a driver and three shooters.
    • Transporter Sd. Kfz 251 – the second of Kubelwagen’s older brothers, only thinner. It will also accommodate four people: a driver and three shooters.
    • Universal Transporter – a lightweight, armored transport vehicle. It is quite tight in it, but with a good machine gunner, he will be great in combat. It can accommodate three soldiers and can only be found on the premises of ‘Halvøy’.

    Transport vehicles only in Firestorm

    In war, you always have to use what you have at hand, and a large piece of metal moving at high speed is perfect. The truth is, any vehicle is “combat” if you are brave enough. Most of them can accommodate the entire team.

    • Helicopter prototype – intelligence reports about the existence of a rotorcraft equipped with seats for a pilot and three passengers. Soldiers can fire from their weapons.
    • Kettenkrad – one day a motorcycle fell in love with a transporter. From this union the Kettenkrad was born. It is a deceptively rugged machine that will accommodate driver and passenger. It can be found in the field or summoned in the form of meals.
    • Van – this vehicle can accommodate the entire team. It can be found on the site of ‘Halvøy’. You don’t need to worry about traffic regulations while driving.
    • Schwimmwagen – get in with the whole team, put your friend as the shooter and listen to their screams when you drive this amphibious vehicle into the water. This vehicle is most often found near water, it can also be summoned through reinforcements.
    • Sports car – sure, it can only hold two soldiers, but it will be two very fast soldiers. They can be found in the Halvøy area or summoned through reinforcements.
    • Staff Car – If you weren’t after the fiery death circle, we’d recommend putting it in a garage and selling it at an auction sometime. But for now, put your entire party in it and run away from the enemies… or run them over. You can find the vehicle in the field or summon it through reinforcements.
    • Tractor – These modest vehicles are used for agricultural work throughout Halvøy. No one normal would use them for anything else.

    It must be admitted that the Battle Royal Battlefield V mode will have the largest number of vehicles. Tanks, helicopters and even a farm tractor will surely find something for everyone.

    Primary weapons in Firestorm

    At the time of Firestorm’s release, 16 primary weapons are available, carried over from Battlefield V’s WWII arsenal and divided into three tiers – Common, Rare, and Epic.

    The levels depend on the number of accessories and upgrades (specializations) for the found weapon. For example, let’s look at the Kar98k sniper rifle: the common version has no upgrades or accessories, while the rare version will have two upgrades and a close range sight, and the epic version will have two improvements and a medium range sight

    Submachine guns

    Versatile and useful for any soldier in trouble. The four submachine guns in Firestorm are accurate at close range, and their rate of fire will help fight off multiple enemies.

    • MP40 – versatile and easy to use. The Rare version has upgrades for faster ADS and reduced recoil, as well as a reflex sight. The epic version features improved ADS while standing and moving, as well as a close-range lens scope.
    • Suomi KP / -31 – very fast-firing and difficult to control. Rare version means more effective hipfire, faster weapon changeover and a reflex sight. The epic version has an increased rate of fire, decreased recoil, and a reflex sight.
    • STEN – a friendlier variation of the MP40. Rare version is better for hip fire, has an increased reload speed and a reflex sight. The Epic shoots better from the hip, has reduced recoil, and has a reflex sight.
    • M1928A1 – known colloquially as “Tommy Gun”. Rare version has reduced recoil, has a reflex sight and is characterized by fast ADS. The epic version has an enlarged magazine, reduced recoil, and a sight with a lens.


    This is the primary weapon of infantry. They are accurate, have a long range and look great in photos.

    • Gewehr 43 – the favorite weapon of supporters of fire on the move. Rare version has Accelerated and Improved ADS, as well as a Sight. The epic version features “faster” projectiles, reduced recoil, and the ZF4 mid-range sight.
    • M1A1 Carbine – Deals low damage, but has a high rate of fire. Rare version means faster ADS and weapon switching, as well as a reflex sight. The epic version has an enlarged magazine and reflex sight, and it also shoots better from the hip.
    • StG 44 – it is accurate and has a lot of firepower. Rare version has reduced recoil and a reflex sight. It also allows faster ADS targeting. The epic version features better ADS, decreased recoil, and the ZF4 mid-range sight.
    • Gustloff prototype – a close range assault rifle. Rare version has reduced recoil, quick reload and a reflex sight. The epic build means better ADS. It has reduced recoil and a reflex sight.

    Sniper rifles

    Difficult to use, but extremely powerful. Shoot long distances on the Firestorm map, aim for the head and scare your enemies with sniper rifles.

    • ZH-29 – a very precise semi-automatic sniper rifle. Rare version has a bipod and close range sight, and is also fast when aiming through ADS. The epic build has “faster” projectiles, faster ADS, and a mid-range sight.
    • Kar98k – known and proven repeater rifle. Rare version means faster weapon swap, better ADS, and a close range sight. The epic version has a bipod and a mid-range sight, and also offers faster weapon switching.
    • Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l – Rapid fire and good for mid-range combat. The rare version is a quick reload and a quick weapon switch. The epic version has a bayonet; you can also change it quickly.

    Machine guns

    The perfect weapon for holding and capturing targets or eliminating the entire team. High damage and rate of fire are the hallmarks of machine guns.

    • KM Bren – hard to miss due to the top-loading magazine. Rare version has reduced recoil, fast reloading and a close range sight. The epic Bren has “faster” missiles, an improved bipod and the M84 mid-range sight.
    • FG-42 – a fast-firing automatic rifle with a small magazine. Rare version has faster and better ADS, as well as a close range sight. The epic build features reduced recoil, faster ADS while on the move, and the ZFG42 mid-range scope.
    • MG 42 – effective, easy to use and very quick to fire. The rare version has a better flash hider, “faster” missiles and a close-range sight. The epic version has improved cooling, a higher rate of fire and a close range sight.


    Sometimes things need to be dealt with directly. Shotguns have enormous power at close range, and the models presented below are no exception.

    • 12g Automatic – This shotgun has been involved in more world wars than you have. The rare version has an enlarged magazine and faster reloading. The epic version has improved bullet penetration and heavy ammo.
    • M97 – shotgun reloaded by the movement of the handguard. Its special features are considerable damage and a decent range. The rare version is faster ADS and slugs. The Epic features an improved trigger and Lattey ranged scope, and deals increased damage from headshots.


    You will not always have the primary weapon you want, but sometimes you will have the personal weapon you need. It is also useful in post-knockdown combat. The following models require pistol ammunition.

    • P38 gun
    • P08 pistol
    • M1911
    • FP-45 Liberator
    • Revolver Mk VI

    As you can see, Firestorm presents itself in a very extensive Battle Royal mode. All Battlefield V owners will be able to throw themselves into the fight on March 25, 2019. Thanks to the IGN portal, you can see what the Firestorm looks like today:

    source: blog and YouTube Battlefield channel, IGN.

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