The October security patch arrives on Nexus 6 in Spain

If you have a Nexus 5, you have probably already received Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and although it is curious, users of Nexus 6 we are still waiting for the jump to the sugar cloud. What is the reason for this delay? Which Nexus 5 is having the most trouble with Lollipop? It can, but in the meantime the October security patch arrives on Nexus 6 in Spain. We tell you all the information about the installation of the new Google security patch:

October security update arrives on Nexus 6 in Spain

It was made to be prayed but it is already among us, at least among Nexus 6 users for Spain and other corners of the world. Yesterday around 10:30 p.m. I got the new update as a security patch for the Nexus 6, at the same time that many Nexus 5 users in Spain got the long-awaited Marshmallow.

We do not know why Google has decided to reward Nexus 5 users with Android 6.0 Marshmallow before, but while we wait for it, in Nexus 6 we have received the security patch that corresponds to the month of October. This patch, as we see in the previous image occupies, we must be connected by Wi-Fi to update and have battery.

The duration of the installation? Some 10-15 minutes, so it gives you time to do something while it takes an important time updating. How do we check that we have updated? Settings> About phone> Build number. Now we must have the LMY48T.

The improvements are found inside, so we are from now on protected against any vulnerability or malware that may be haunting the market. This update is important, at least while we wait for the long-awaited Marshmallow. If it has not reached you, Settings> System information> System updates, it may appear there.

When will Marshmallow arrive?

In a few days, at least it seems so. And it is that Nexus 6 users do not see fair that their Nexus colleagues update before, the truth is that it does not make any sense, but If Google has decided that way, it is for something. Will it come out flawed and for the perfect Nexus 6? We don’t know, but all we Nexus 6 users want is for Marshmallow to reach us now …

What do you think of all this? Why do you think Marshmallow came to Nexus 5 earlier than Nexus 6? Has the new patch reached your Nexus? Leave us your mark in the comments.