The most popular games on the Google Play Store

Android has a wide selection of games of all kinds, and it is thanks to the Google Play Store. Numerous titles for players of any age are available here, with games of action, fighting, adventure, puzzle, platform and many other genres, and now we are going with those that, thanks to the total number of downloads they have accumulated since their launch in the store, are the most popular today.

This time we list some of the best and most popular Android games that can be found right now in the Google Play Storeso get ready to get one or more of the following most played titles on Android mobiles.

Now we go with the list of the best and most popular games in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. It is worth emphasizing and repeating, as we always do, that All the ones you will find in this compilation post are free. Therefore, you will not have to pay any amount of money to get one or all of them.

Nevertheless, one or more may have an internal micropayment system, which would allow access to more content within them, as well as obtaining more game opportunities in the levels, numerous objects, prizes and rewards, among other things. In the same way, it is not necessary to make any payment, it is worth repeating. Now yes, let’s get to it.

Subway Surfers

To get this compilation of the most popular games on the Google Play Store off to a good start, we have Subway Surfersone of the most downloaded titles in the store, with a total of downloads that exceeds one billion, a stratospheric figure.

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This game is not so popular for nothing, since at the time it presented quite attractive dynamics and gameplay. And it is that, in question, what you have to do in Subway Surfers is run without stopping, at the same time in which all the coins and powers that are on the way must be taken, but not without dodging all the obstacles that are in it. Of course, as expected, the level of difficulty increases as you progress through the game, so everything is easy at first.


With over 500 million cumulative downloads in the Google Play Store for Android alone, Roblox could not be missing from this list.

This game has become so popular thanks to how entertaining it is, but, yes, it cannot be played without an Internet connection, since you must create an account because it is a full-fledged multiplayer. Here it’s all about a virtual multiverse with different worlds to explore. In the journey, which you can start with your friends, you will meet numerous rivals from different countries with whom you can compete to prove that you are the best player of all, while chatting with other people thanks to online chat what’s on roblox

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Create and customize your avatar in Roblox and enjoy the 3D graphics that are there for you. Its community, which is made up of millions of active players month after month, will be available at all times to embark on an adventure in this popular Android game.

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Garena Free Fire

Little or nothing to say about free firebecause this game practically needs no introduction, being one of the most successful in the Google Play Store, with more than a billion downloads in the store and more than 100 million comments and ratings.

This is a very interesting battle royale that has had a huge impact around the world, with millions of active players who support it. His game dynamics are very well done. Here everything revolves around a battlefield in which the last survivor wins by defeating the other participants in the game, although you can also play in teams with friends, which makes it even more fun. For this, there are various weapons and equipment, to make the battle experience even more real.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing was one of the games that set the standard a few years ago due to the physics of the movements used in it. It is a very well worked car game that consists of overcoming each and every one of the worlds, while improving the cars and buying others that have better characteristics. Don’t let your car flip, otherwise you lose. Help Newton Bill to be a better driver on his journey.

One of the best things about this title is that it can be played perfectly without an Internet connection.

Fruit Ninja

It is very likely that, if you have not played Fruit Ninja At some time in your life, at least you have known of someone who has played it at some point, more than anything a few years ago, that it was more popular than now. And this game is one of the most addictive in the Google Play Store, without a doubt.

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Basically, cutting fruits is the thing to do in Fruit Ninja, But that is not all. There are also various game modes here that add more excitement to the thing, as well as a lot of blades that can be unlocked progressively. In addition, you must try to make as many points as possible with each cut you make, for which there are numerous combos and other types of skills.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is the later version of classic Angry Birds, which was remastered and is now paid. Luckily, Andry Birds 2 is free and retains the same game dynamics as the first Angry Birds, although with new things, of course.

This is the game of the little birds vs the pigs, in which the first ones must be catapulted against the second ones, in order to knock down their strengths and, in this way, win the war.

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