The most interesting applications in the Play Store

As we know, there is a whole world of applications at our disposal in the Google application store. Differentiated by categories and perfectly ordered, but a whole labyrinth as soon as we want something specific. It is enough to need an application for a specific task to spend hours searching among many very similar ones.

At Androidsis we are always thinking of you. For this reason, on this occasion we have delved into the multitude of applications available to offer you the most interesting ones that we have come across. There are some that you will have, and others that will sound familiar to you. But if in our selection today you find something that can be useful to you, our search will have been worth it.

The Play Store can be useful to you in many things.

If you keep reading this post, you may finally find the tool you were looking for. Or that application that will make your smartphone really useful for you. In our selection of applications today we want to help you not to waste time searching.

We wanted to base ourselves a little on productivity. In being able to get the most out of our smartphones. And that this be in different areas such as work and leisure. If you want your phone to be something more than WhatsApp and Candy Crash, these are our chosen applications.

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It is true that variety is the spice, but sometimes with so much variety we have a hard time finding what we are looking for. If you are looking for an interesting application that may be useful Today we propose some options to take into account. Leave a hole in your smartphone for one of these applications.

Our selection of the most interesting (and useful) Apps.


It is very likely that you already have PushBullet installed on your computer. If you have it, you will agree with us by including it in this selection. And if you haven’t installed it yet, or you didn’t know about it, it won’t take long to get hold of it. PushBullet is an application that will help simplify your life a little.

Concentrate in a single device the control of all messaging sites, social networks and emails. In this case, you can control everything from your computer. Send and receive SMS from your smartphone without having to unlock its screen. Respond instantly from your PC to a WhatsApp or Facebook message without having to enter their applications.

With PushBullet you can share your files with everyone, but you can also do it between your devices. As soon as you discover how comfortable it is to answer WhatsApp with your computer, you won’t want to use your smartphone, at least while you’re using your laptop. In short, a way to be connected to all your devices at the same time and all your accounts without using your smartphone. Highly recommended and above all tremendously useful.

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The battery life has been a headache since the beginning of the new smartphones. For both manufacturers and users. For users, the time they last us always seems little. And although it is true that little by little the firms are betting on more complete batteries, they still fall short.

When the battery of our smartphone is what it is, we only have to settle for it. But even if we can’t stretch the batteries yes we can do something so that these lengthen their duration considerably. Greenify is a battery consumption manager of our mobiles and will be able to optimize the cost to make it more durable.

If you notice that your device runs slower, or consumes more battery as you install more apps Greenify will help you make your smartphone work like the first day. This application identifies the applications that consume the most battery on your phone and puts them into hibernation when they are not being used. In this way you will notice how the smartphone works much more smoothly.

With the control of the applications that are not in use you will be able to notice at the moment how the battery of your smartphone lasts as at the beginning. Thus our smartphone will contribute all its performance to the application that is in use. This way you don’t consume resources with applications in the background and you don’t waste battery unnecessarily.

Greenify will manage for you the control of the use that each application makes of the resources of your device. When you notice that the battery lasts longer, and that your smartphone works faster, you will understand why Greenify deserves a place in this selection of interesting and useful applications.

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Another of the applications that we consider really useful. With this application we will achieve our smartphone turns out to be a real work tool. If you have ever needed to transfer a text on paper to the computer and you have not known how Simple Scan is your pocket scanner.

The camera of our smartphones is used for more than just taking beautiful photos. If you have a smartphone with a camera you have a real scanner that can give you a cable at work Digitize any document with your smartphone’s camera and have it instantly in PDF.

SimpleScan has OCR for text recognition. Recognize the document not only as an image and edit the text to your needs. Create a new document from a sanitized text, or send any capture you make with your mobile phone’s camera in quality and PDF format.

This app is compatible with Evernote, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Google Drive, you won’t have any problem. Convert a simple photo of a text into a document in a more professional format and send it instantly. Scan your photos to the format you need in a simple way. An application that can be useful on many occasions.

more cast

Weather-related apps are some of the oldest and still the most popular on the Play Store. There are, as with all categories, many alternatives and possibilities. Own applications of television channels, or already recognized brands in the world of weather forecasting.

Morecast is more than just a simple weather app. It is not limited, as many do, to taking the prediction from some source and displaying it in a visual and beautiful way. Morecast uses a proprietary algorithm of its own development. East analyze weather data from thousands of weather stations around the world and generate your own predictions.

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Among its multiple options we find one that is very useful, the web-cam. Morecast shows us through thousands of cameras located in all parts of the planet the weather. Something highly recommended when we decide to go on a trip somewhere. At a glance we can see what the day is like, and by observing its predictions we can know what the weather will be when we travel.

If we decide to go on a trip, Morecast can advise alternative routes to avoid storms or strong winds. A tool that will be very useful to us when traveling and without leaving our city. If you are one of those who like to know the weather at all times, use the option Radar. Observe the level of rainfall up to the minute, or if it rains or snows in real time. An application with which the rain will never catch you by surprise.

Nova Launcher

This is the application that will give your smartphone’s menu the look you’ve always wanted. If you bought the phone you wanted but you don’t like its branding layer, don’t worry, it has a solution. With Nova Launcher you can choose between different themes to apply to the view of your applications in the menu.

You can change the home screen, the color, the size of the icons, and even the animation to move from one screen to another within your desktop. Nova Launcher It is the application that offers you the greatest customization possibilities without the need for root. Apply the theme that you like the most and make those unpleasant icons disappear.

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One of the nice things about Nova Launcher is the ease of handling. You will be able to make substantial changes in the aspect that the menu of your smartphone shows in a moment. And also undo the modifications made in a single movement. Also, this app hardly consumes resources of your phone so it will continue to work at full capacity regardless of the layer you use. Download Nova Launcher and dress your smartphone with what you like the most.

What do you think of our recommended applications?

You may have them all downloaded already. If so, congratulations, you use some of the best valued by users and most useful applications that we can currently find in the Google Play Store. If you still did not know them or do not use them, we do not know what you are waiting for. They are not new, but they are always to be taken into account.

When we have applications of this type on our smartphones, we can have tools at our disposal that make them truly useful. Controlling the climate in a very professional way, we will always know what the weather is like and predict what it is going to do. Or leaving the smartphone aside for a moment without being disconnected.

Do you use other applications that we have not named?. If you consider that there is an application that deserves a place in this selection, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments. You also do Androidsis.