The LG G8 could have an LCD screen with 4K resolution

LG is still not right. Despite having launched a good LG G7 this year, the firm does not seem to be aware of what the sector demands. Either you offer a cheap cell phone, or one that differentiate from the competition.

The LG G7 ThinQ is neither one thing nor the other, it is an unoriginal mobile, with good features and a high price. There are many alternatives like the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Galaxy S9 thrown at the price with which it is difficult to fight.

What will the future LG G8 look like?

The good thing about this is that every year, or sometimes even several times a year, companies have the chance to launch a new and groundbreaking product.

It seems that this will not be the case for LG and the future LG G8. Ice Universe rumors on Twitter ensure that the firm could equip a 4K panel with LCD technology.

People don’t need more resolution

It would not be the first firm to mount a 4K panel, but the truth is that it is not necessary. Today we don’t need more resolution on mobiles. Not even some of the brands that mount 2K screens (such as Samsung) recommend using that resolution.

Currently looking for original designs and screens AMOLED, technology preferred by most users. It is rumored that the LG G8 could see the light in the first months of 2019, ahead of all its rivals.

Bad autonomy no, the following

We also know that in 2019 processors could make the final leap to 7nm and that would mean having lower power consumption. It may be a good time to increase the autonomy of the terminals and mounting a more greedy screen will not be optimal to make a difference.

We hope that the rumors are not true and that LG works for mark your own line to follow. Not long ago the company launched interesting mobiles differentiated from the competition. You just have to see the new VIVO Apex or designs like the Mi Mix 2S to understand that different and quality things can be done.