The letters of the alphabet have never been worth as much as in Typoman Mobile, a great platform

Typoman Mobile is a new puzzle platformer in which the letters of the alphabet take such a leading role that you will have to have the holy patience to form words to progress properly.

A free title for Android that drinks of the source of inspiration that has meant Machinarium to bring us all a great job in the visual aspect. One of those mobile games that thousands of fans usually create and that if you use good headphones, like the Mixcder E9, the experience adds up to many integers to enjoy a whole lyrics adventure.

Like it’s a crossword

The truth is that we continue to be surprised for the originality of some games who are looking for a way to devise different formulas with which to catch the player who demands new experiences that satisfy their needs for great games.

Typoman Mobile is one of them and thanks to its originality, we will see you involved in a whole adventure of letters. And it is that we will take the role of a character made of letters in his mission to go through a hostile and dark world.

We will start our game being a single one to go through a tutorial in which we will discover that words will be the key to be able to solve the vast majority of the puzzles that we will find on our journey through this ingenious mobile video game.

The letterman in Typoman

All this seasoned by a great technical display in illustration, since the environments, the design of the main character and the atmosphere created are of high quality. That is why we mentioned at the beginning the relationship with Machinarium, or Botanicula from the same creators, and that graphic style so defined and so indie that turns each game into an experience in itself.

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Typoman will use to compose words with single letters with which you can solve puzzles. The problem is that, although it is translated into Spanish, what the riddles are is not, so you will have to have some knowledge of English to use words like “down”.

It is the biggest handicap of a title that produces very good sensations. In any case, as we are warned from the game itself, we must know that we have the option to click on the track to be told the word What do we have to guess? Thus we will continue our walk through a world full of ingenious and challenging puzzles with an aesthetic that emphasizes all the letters of the alphabet and that ink used in yesteryear to be able to write.

When digital dominates, the craft of calligraphy returns

One of the biggest successes of Typoman Mobile is to return the alphabet to its rightful place. At least in everything related to writing, the use of words and the game that it can provoke. It is striking that something so simple can give so much ingenuity and allow us to draw another type of experience that we did not know from a video game.

Typoman Mobile is a game that uses the technical and the illustration to take us to a world of our own. It’s not that the environments, the characters or the beasts are brilliantly reproduced, but that the animation of the protagonist is outstanding just like the sound. We once again emphasize the need to use headphones to be able to enjoy that bass and that sound that is capable of enveloping us to satisfy our needs as an indie gamer.

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Definitely, Typoman Mobile is a great platformer that challenges you for you to learn a little English and discover all the adventures that await «letraman». One of those games that is positioned this year among the special ones and that will surely get thousands of fans by downloading it. If you were looking for something different from what you were used to on platforms, don’t miss out on Typoman and his great adventure of letters, words and fantasy. You have it for free.

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  • great visual style
  • Original as few
  • Great atmosphere, sound and animations


  • You have to know some English

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